Monday, December 29, 2008

So much to do...

and so little time. I'm feeling overwhelmed and yet not doing much about it. Awful, I know! I need to do write ups, send out some cards still and finish up so writing for a few emails. I'm not sure where or when I'm going to get the time, but I sure hope to ... I need to. But I procrastinate a lot - maybe that's something to work on in the new year. :) 2009 is just around the corner! Crazy! The last week and the first one of every month are a bit hectic for me, but I'm trying to enjoy this month's end.

I saw this picture today and wanted to put it somewhere:

Check out more of the website, PostSecret.

The card and "secret" also made me want to write. It's the holidays (AH!!!) and that time between Christmas and New Years that looks so long on a calendar (a whole week!) and yet passes by so quickly with visits, dinner, guests, gift giving and cheerful phone calls or cards to check on loved one. This time is packed with good feelings ... and some very lonely ones too. I've never been one to be caught under the mistletoe or get some crazy kiss on New Years. Sure, I've been friends, but the girls I've known forever are all pretty much paired up at this point and I don't think there's any time you feel like more of a third wheel than when you're tagging a long with coupled friends for the holidays. Big romance hasn't found me and that's what this PostSecret made me think of. It's a lonely wish, sad too and yet still very hopeful, I think.

I am so happy with so many things in my life right now and yet I feel unfulfilled too. I don't think I need to be in a relationship to feel good. I'm not throwing myself at guys and I certainly don't want to be with just anyone strictly so that I'm with someone. So, I know I don't need to be in a relationship ... but I'd like to find myself in a special one.

I hope that person ends up with someone really special before next year and picks out a tree to share. I hope I do too.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Meet sweet adorable Darwin. I just love those kitties who look like they have masks on and he definitely does in the photo of him: the white neck with the brown tabby face. Too cute!

Darwin is located in Utah at Best Friends Animal Society and here is what Darwin’s profile says:

Breed: Domestic short hair
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Size: Medium

Darwin is a giver.

He lived in a hoarding situation with more than 800 cats in the hot Nevada desert, in Pahrump. Even though food, water and shelter were scarce, Darwin always allowed his fellow hoarding victims to go ahead of him to get to the basics. Talk about a gentleman and a friend!

Now that he's been rescued, he is still kind-hearted. Darwin loves playing with the other cats. And he loves toys! What a treat! He didn't know what toys were until coming to Best Friends.

When people come to visit, Darwin still lets his cat friends "go first" for petting and attention. And after he's seen everyone else has "gotten theirs," he'll go up to a visitor for some serious one-on-one time. Darwin loves being petted. He thinks all people are really great.

Darwin gets along well with everyone, although at first he may be a little shy around dogs.

If anyone deserves a forever home, it's this guy!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Recently I’ve been doing some research regarding feral cats. When I posted this fact out to some rescue/feral networks I know of asking for advice, I got back one particular email that I thought was interesting, informative and definitely sparked my curiosity as I had not heard of the sterilization drug before – one would think, as I did, that if there was such a “wonder” drug out there, it would be very popular and well known … even if it was really expensive for more independent trappers or colony caretakers.

Here is the email I received so you know what I’m talking about: (Note- I’ve altered some of the email to protect the person it came from just in case they’ve sent out the same email to other people)
FeralStat is a medicine which stops the females from going into heat. You just add a small amount of FeralStat once a week to the wet food when feeding a colony to stop the females from going into heat. FeralStat does not harm males or kittens that eat it.

FeralStat is great for situations like if you have several females in the colony which you cannot catch to spay or if is simply overwhelming or impossible to get someone to trap/neuter/release the colony. It cost about $65 for a 4-month supply (cheaper than feeding more cats). Sometimes it is impossible to get someone to help with trapping and releasing so FeralStat is a good option to prevent more kittens.

And the attached information went on to say: “FeralStat™ is a synthetic progestin that has FDA approval for off-label use as a feline oral contraceptive to postpone estrus in cats. In other words, it keeps female cats from coming into heat … Although it is designed for female cats, FeralStat™ has been given to male cats, pregnant females, and kittens who are sharing the food supply with no report of negative side effects.”

Again, my initial thought was: ingenious! Followed by: why haven’t I heard of this before? So, with the question of a sterilization drug in mind, I emailed our senior veterinary technician at my place of employment. I asked if she could please provide me with whatever information she could on the subject since I did not know anything about the drug.

She wrote me back saying:
I have never heard about this drug before and am in the process of researching it. I will also talk to Dr. C about it on Monday. So far, all I can find is a lot of mixed reviews. It has not been approved for cats by the ACC&D yet and there is not enough research on it to provide a lot of medical data. There is the belief that it can cause some long term problems in feral cats such as diabetes mellitus, mammary swelling and tumors, uterine disease, pyometra, and skin disorders. Contrary to the article sent to you, the ACC&D states that it has also not been FDA approved. There is also the argument out there that the long term risks are worth it to help lower the population of feral cats by not allowing reproduction and keep them from suffering death by starvation, weather and environmental changes, disease, hit by cars, etc. Here is the statement issued by the ACC&D and one other article.

I was also a bit disappointed that this information promoting FeralStat happened to come from an individual that works with a shelter and a spay/neuter van. Yes, such a solution is most definitely a step up from simply trapping and killing, but is it really safe? Is it really a good option to use, let alone advise people of? I mean, according to what my vet tech friend said (“ There is also the argument out there that the long term risks are worth it to help lower the population of feral cats by not allowing reproduction and keep them from suffering death by starvation, weather and environmental changes, disease, hit by cars, etc.”), their very excuses for using it despite the suspected side effects are the same vague, silly excuses used when trying to argue why trap & kill is better than letting the cats continue to suffer living lives outside – they’re just going to die awful, painful deaths anyway, best just to kill them now. Bull$hit!

As a victim of a vaccine that has continued to be used because “well, it’s good for most”, I felt a need to write a blog entry about this in case anyone else was given this disturbing, possibly very off-based information. It sounds like that this drug, in the long run, may be wonderful for colonies and colony caretakers (especially ones that have the “un-trappable” cat running around like most do), but dangerous for the individual cats long-term well being. Just because it’s good for most, preventing heat cycles and thus litters of kittens, doesn’t mean that it should automatically be sought out or given out.

Should I get any more updates from our senior tech at work, I’ll certainly share them. For now, I hope anyone considering the pros/cons of FeralStat gives this entry and the information provided to me some very good thought.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can I Ask a Favor ...

My Sundays Are For Cats post is a bit random this week. I didn't really have a kitty in mind and yet one cat apparently decided to do me a favor and show up just yesterday!

I'm busy entertaining my cousin who was visiting and my mom called me yesterday saying that she heard this crying in the garage. At first she thought it was just one of our barn cats, but the crying was persistent and usually the barn cats aren't in that garage so close to the house anyway. So my mom went investigating and like a person lost for days in a desert running towards an oasis, a kitty my mom had never seen before came charging at her! Of course, my mom called me about this poor, starving cat who had been eating for an hour flat and was so sweet - letting her pick her right up.

Once off the phone, I started to think about what to do. My parents definitely don't need another barn cat, let alone a sweety like this one. Barn cats should be happy outside, not dying to be held :) After spotting what I believed was my boss's car in our parking lot, I went on out front and found him even though it was my day off: "Hey, how was your vacation? Uh, can I ask a favor??" And I got the okay to bring the kitty here!

And here is the cutie:

Seriously, how cute is she?! She's super pretty and now named Rhiannan. She actually looks surprisingly like another rare-looking kitty we just recently got here at work, Dove ... everyone keeps making the connection and I love Dove, but Rhiannan is a bit prettier, I think: she's got some orange mixed into her coloring. She's a big talker too, meowing and squeaking whenever anyone walks by her cage - which is rare since she's in a holding room right now. Only a few weeks though and I'm sure she'll be adopted quickly after that.

I'm not sure where she came from, but Rhiannan is very affectionate and somehow either found her way through acres and acres of woods to our garage or from the road, around the lake and across the field - either way, her appearance is quite random. I'm thankful that she's so mouthy though and kept yelling until my mom couldn't ignore it anymore. Because of it, Rhiannan's now inside, warm and safe. Today might have been unusually warm, but the temperature is supposed to drop again as soon as tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Almost every week I receive an email filled with little faces about to be killed in the shelter in GA that I got One-Eyed Jack, Finn and Daisy from. I'll admit I don't know much about the actual shelter, but the contact I have down there has picked out nothing but wonderful, desperate dogs for me. Anyway, I try desperately not to look at these emails, but, masochist me, I did a few weeks ago. Amongst all the faces, there was one dog with sad eyes:

I couldn't save him - I couldn't save any of them myself. I still had Daisy and though she had someone interested in her, she was still with me. Not to mention, Jack and Finn were supposed to be coming to visit. My mom would shoot me if I asked to add another dog into the formula on top of theirs, my foster and adopted out dogs coming to visit!!! lol

The Friday after that email, my Cheyenne passed away and the following weekend, my Daisy was going home. Talk about feeling lonely! Just because my parents have two other dogs, Kyleigh and Sadie, doesn't mean I wasn't feeling the emptiness. It was awful.

In flipping through my email a few days after Cheyenne's passing, there was an email from GA. Because of Thanksgiving that week, the animals at the shelter would be put to sleep earlier in the week and could anyone help with such short notice?? I opened the email, sad that these dogs would have such a short time for the email to make its away around to maybe save some of them. The first photoed dog? That sad eyed boy! What are the chances that the big dog with the sad eyes would be one of the lucky ones spared the week before?! It was crazy! But there he was!

I emailed my contact in GA, Lisa. I still had Daisy, but my contact in GA said transport wasn't even available until after Daisy would actually be in her new home ... and of the handful of dogs I asked about (because you can never set your heart on one in case they were already saved), the big guy was the most desperate. A "shelter favorite" she said. If I paid for him then to get his medical check, he'd be saved and on his way to me after Daisy was adopted. I did it! And though he was a dirty, smelly, un-neutered mess when he first arrived (big shout out to my parents for being awesome and cleaning him up since he came early while I was working), he's a great boy!

He might be a bit funny looking, but he's adorable once you get to know him. He is housebroken, very playful, "sits" when asked, leans against you for love and hasn't tried to eat any of the cats (or people!) yet ... and with the size of his jaws & skull, I'm thinking he could physically make a meal out of just about anything. :o)

In hindsight, this all makes my heart hurt a bit ... and yet I try to feel a bit better thinking that Cheyenne let me save him. We've named him "Bear" and my mom is pretty insistent that she wants him to stay forever, but I don't know about that just yet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank You, American Bulldog Rescue

I needed the laugh :)

K-9 Rescue Barbie

This Christmas season, give the latest, hottest new Barbie -- K-9 Rescue Barbie. She comes with her own Ford Aerostar van, and various size dog crates inside. She has a cell phone that's barely working due to over use and underpayment.

Barbie herself is decked out in jeans, grungy athletic shoes, and a t-shirt that says "Dogs are Better Than Any Other Living Thing on Earth". She comes with a road atlas of every town and state in all of North America, and a compass on the dashboard of the van. She also has a map of every McDonald's in the world.

Optional is the special Rescue Dog Barbie laptop computer with the names and addresses of every other dog rescue person on earth, in case she gets somewhere and a contact fails to show up.

Running buddy, "Lucky", the three-legged, blind Shih Tzu doll is available for an additional $49.95.

For $89.95, you can complete the set with "Pissed off husband at home, Ken," and the various foster dogs at $20 each.

Prices for accessories are:

  • Fake snow falling on Barbie's van: $12.95
  • Flat tire for Barbie's van: (see Barbie's Road Service")
  • Barbie's First Aid Kit: (human): $11.75, (canine): $69.50
  • Barbie's Speeding Ticket: $95 (Mississippi--$195)
  • Barbie's coat-that-she-had-to-buy-in-Minnesota: $85
  • Barbie's Vet Bill for Lucky in Vaughn, New Mexico: $63.45
  • Barbie's contact, Rhonda, who she had to give gas money to in Mesa Verde,Texas: $20
  • Barbie's bill to get her contact, Luis, out of jail in Bakersfield, California: $500
  • Barbie's bill to get Luis's dogs out of the pound in Bakersfield, California: $265
  • Barbie's hotel/kennel bill in Laughlin, Nevada, while she waits for her contact:$532
  • Barbie's overalls that she has to buy while in Minden, Nebraska, hunting down lost coonhounds: $49.95
  • Pizza for Barbie's suspicious looking hitch-hiker with sick puppy: $15
  • Vet bill for hitch-hikers sick puppy in Des Moines, Iowa: $143.29
  • Barbie's doggie wheelchair for "Klause" the rescue dachshund in Leavenworth, Kansas: $143
  • And Barbie's van detailing/fumigation from hauling parvo/kennel cough puppies: $187
  • Barbie's resume to get new job when she gets home from run: $29.95

And let us not forget her sister doll - Cat Rescue Barbie, who comes with
the same equipment, (substitute "cat" for "dog"), also:

  • Folding ladder in vehicle: $129.95
  • Have-a-heart trap: $29.95
  • Cans of tuna for baiting trap: $11.95
  • Long handled fishing net: $39.95
  • Case of Simple Solution: $259.95
  • Black light (to detect cat urine): $29.95
  • Tee shirt that says "The More I Know About Men, The More I Love My Cat" $19.95
  • Running buddy "Jeep" - 3-legged tailless cat named after vehicle that claimed her missing appendages: $89.95
  • Vet bill for Jeep $397.95
  • Friend Edith, 87-year-old feral colony feeder, who calls begging favors when her arthritis acts up and she can't get out. $59.95
  • Food for Edith's colony cats (after all, Edith is on Social Security) $139.95
  • Friend Margie, do-gooder with pristine home and one spoiled cat, whose idea of being a rescuer is to pick up strays and take them to Barbie for rehab, vetting, fostering, and placement. $89.95
  • Vet bills for Margie's rescues $892.95
  • Mother Sadie, who calls weekly to ask Barbie when she is going to get rid of all those smelly cats and give her some grandchildren already $89.95 (telephone extra)
  • Shrink who talks Barbie out of killing above-mentioned persons each week $500
  • Vet who makes house calls and doesn't blink at unannounced visits and odd-hour consultations: *priceless*

Check out:

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, what a weekend!

Daisy, my most recent rescued dog from GA, was adopted out last weekend. Sounds like she's doing wonderfully, aside from missing me. She's been abandoned before though, so the girl is allowed to be a little anxious. Pretty much as soon as Daisy is out of the house, I've got more "visitors": Finn & Jack came for a sleepover while their parents went to NY for the weekend. Here are my much-missed boys begging for post-Thanksgiving food:

I can't tell you how much I love them ... even though they bark like lunatics way too early in the morning!! Ah! They are beautiful boys. All my mom kept saying is, "You are so pretty, Finn." And their mom was nice enough to bring me really nice photos of them. I wish every adopter was as amazing as that couple. They're phenomenal to their dogs and so kind to me long past the usual time period. Normally, after a couple months (or even days), people forget about the rescuers and I love my animals. I let them go to the best homes I can find for them, but it still hurts every time.

I noticed it first when Daisy was sometimes with my parents during the week and now that she's officially not here, I can't deny my cats new, snugglely spot to nap. My beautiful baby boy, Little Dani, has taken to curling up in my now empty dog crate! Makes no sense to me since he hates his carrier and feeling cornered, but here he is:

He is such a cutie! I really do just flat out adore him. He makes these sweet little chirping noises and today he was just so excited to see me that he was running all over the place, following me and maybe almost breaking my neck as well while darting around my feet.

Flashing forward to something different: my family! Every weekend there is something different at that house. They've been expanding their farm all the time and over the summer, they decided to get chickens - hens to be exact. My parents got several hens in order to have their own fresh eggs. I don't think any chickens can be considered spoiled after what my aunts did for theirs, but these chickens are definitely well off! Ok, personally, I'd love for them to be free-roaming, but there are too many predators - owls and hawks especially (the barn cats have shown them no attention). Anyway, shortly after my parents got the baby chicks and they grew big enough to be outside, something else showed up ...

I can't help but laugh every time I recall this fact, but the fact remains the same - my parents have feral chickens!

That's right, my parents have feral chickens! It's a gang of chickens that just randomly showed up. First they were by the road, then the front field, then they found their way around the lake and now they live in the front field. It's just too weird that they showed up. Stranger in general is how they really are wild - beautiful, but not domesticated. They eat on their own, roost in the trees at night and are their own pleasant, little family. There is even a rooster! A rooster that I freakin heard crow loud as heck the other morning ... I don't like rooster, but he is handsome though.


For some reason, Jan just comes to mind when I think of fall - maybe it's her coloring. This girl comes off very shy (and she's definitely not a "petite" cat), but she's wonderful! I know this because she's another cat at my work place. Read a bit more about her and enjoy your holiday!

Jan is a mix of calico and tabby in most unusual markings, including a couple of sizable patches of orange. The effect is quite beautiful, as you might guess. Jan is a young cat, too---about two years old, we believe.

We don't know much about Jan's past, but she was one of four kitties we have who were abandoned in a carrier outside a vet's office. Jan was very frightened of us for some time, but she has made excellent progress here and now comes over for attention readily, which is delightful. She's a sweet, chunky little girl, and we're hoping to find her a home soon. Come in to see our furry "patchwork quilt"!

Update: Jan continues to make good progress. She's in our weight management room now, as she's really too chunky. But she's doing well with the cats in there, and, while still on the shy side, wants to find out what you're doing there whenever you come in. Jan has asthma, but it's very mild in nature (she requires no medication for it now), and we're hoping her symptoms will lessen still further as she loses weight.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I had planned to write today's post about my new foster kitten ... however, I found out that the little kitten I planned to foster was adopted!

That's right, my girl was adopted - straight from surgery too! Good news? Indeed! But I've got to think that my "bad luck" streak of fostering is continued here because I don't get her for any time at all. Selfish response? Yup. I won't deny that either :-)

Sabrina, pre-naming, came in with a horribly stripped and mangled front foot. Just looking at that foot created a literal gut reaction: the urge to up-chuck! I mean, she was rushed off to an emergency medical facility so quickly that the picture above is the only one of her, I think, and it's only because of my sick curiosity once seeing her injury. Her injury was so horrific that I blocked it out in the photo for your own sake. The top half of her one little leg was stripped of fur & skin. The bottom half was twisted all the way around & I don't think it was attached in any way.

She was named ("Sabrina" by the staff there) once at the emergency vet facility and apparently the one vet just kept repeating, "She's so sweet," over and over again about the kitten. Once it was determined that Sabrina definitely needed her leg surgically removed, I decided I'd foster her. I mean, she needed her leg removed and she is just a little baby - I figured foster care with me was better than in a cage where her muscles definitely wouldn't be given much of a chance to adjust.

Happy ending is, of course, before Sabrina was even out of surgery, she was adopted! A vet tech adopted her, so she gets to recover and adjust to her new home at the same time. So, Sabrina is this week's Sundays Are For Cats entry ... even if she's already adopted.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Daisy went home today. She was adopted and placed into a wonderful home where she'll be super spoiled and the only pet. Her adopter had a cute "seasonal" collar ready for her with a heart-shaped name tag on it, a big crate set up for Daisy for when her adopter's at work, lots of new toys and big, fun-shaped biscuits. I know more presents and meeting new friends are also in the near future for Daisy too. These are all good things and Daisy is a lucky girl, but I still cried a bit ...

My sister will be home from school this week. She is yet to be home since Cheyenne has passed away. I'm nervous for her, sad still for myself too. I still look for Chy. I'll catch Sadie out of the corner of my eye curled up and look quickly thinking it's Cheyenne. And then it's that awful, heart-squeezing feeling when it registers that it can't be her.

I've been thinking about writing recently. Honestly, it's felt more like I need to write ... but nothing seems to be coming out. I have ideas - so many ideas, but none of them seem to spill out of me and I just can't seem to concentrate/get passionate.

I've also been reading books of short stories on rescues. My aunt always tells me that I could write something like that, but these people have incredible stories about sweet animals in extraordinarily awful circumstances that they rescue. I've done my fair share of rescue, but I don't think I come close to what these other people.

I need to lay down or something, maybe try to concentrate, brainstorm or go through some work up's to try to get myself motivated.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can't Take The Credit

Not all dogs are like my aunts' easily distracted babies ... but then again, a weekend away for a convention can't nearly compare to 14 months away for service, I guess.

Check out this sweet video:

Nobody loves us quite like our furbabies. Though I can't take the credit for that entry nor do I know the family, I still had to share it ... and a dogs on thursday post is best for this, I believe.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheyenne :(

Who could resist that sweety!

Several years ago, within a little over a month I lost my two dogs pretty unexpectedly: Honey Dew, our 12 year old Golden Retriever to cancer, and Ellie, my Doberman who was not even two and fought 6 months and several surgeries before dying from multiple bouts with Peritinitis. Honey I made the decision to have put to sleep when it was too late and Ellie passed at home on simply an "off" day while I was at college. We were left with this cute, tiny, lonely puppy, Kyleigh, who ran around in a yard that seemed so empty with just her in it after so recently having 3 dogs around.

I looked at two different litters and picked the one litter who's "grandmother dog" was still very much alive and then I picked this one puffy, fuzzball of a pup, the lighter of the two so that she was nothing like Honey because I wasn't replacing her. Then I waited for a weekend when my family wasn't home and brought Cheyenne home. She was beautiful and adorable and Kyleigh, after getting passed just flat out confusion over this little thing chewing on her toys and running around, loved her too. My family came home and they all loved her too, of course. She was so cute! And it was winter, so my aunt knitted a beautiful sweater for her - a white one! Imagine it: a fluffy white puppy, snow on the ground and a white sweater!

Kyleigh & baby Cheyenne:
From the paragraph above, I think you've made the safe assumption that I went to a breeder. Yes, I did what rescuers don't do and bought a puppy from a breeder. I've had Goldens my whole life! I was sad and I wanted a perfect Golden puppy. I can't regret that decision because I got Cheyenne out of it, but no more breeders (ever, ever, ever) ... there are enough dogs dying and a "purebred" dog who's parents you can look at while you pick out a puppy is no way better than a dog you can save from a shelter or rescue. Maybe if Cheyenne had been a "mostly Golden" mutt, she'd still be here too. :(

Cheyenne was my epileptic Golden. Though she had more than me, even when on seizure meds, Cheyenne had seizures on the exact same days I did for the few I had. She was definitely the most "special" out of our three dogs. There is Kyleigh, who is just a few months older then Cheyenne, and then we got Sadie as well a couple years after ... a more "normal" looking Golden compared to gigantic Cheyenne. It seems like as Chy grew, she got her dad's huge body and her mom's normal Golden legs. She also has this, as you can see in these few pictures, super thick hair which it almost white underneath - it was the combination of her light coat and huge size (about 110 lbs) that had us all joking she was part polar bear. Out of the three, Cheyenne was also the most laid back and all the cats loved her. Peanut, our buff tabby, when playing with Cheyenne almost completely blended in! Though Kye and Sadie would sometimes fight awfully when they got excited over guests, the biggest threat Cheyenne was was if she jumped up because of her size.

Cheyenne & baby Sadie:

My Cheyenne died over the weekend. My purebred, "perfect", polar bear of a dog died at just 6 years of age from a heart attack. I'm crushed and bitter and sad. I just keep thinking "If only I was there" or "If we didn't have Sadie, Kye would be all alone again" and "I paid for the "perfect puppy" not to die of cancer when she was old and instead she dies at only 6 of a heart attack" or "I should have hugged her goodbye last weekend. When did I stop hugging them goodbye?" and, then, I keep thinking about how much I was dreading listening to mom gripe about all the dogs in the house and all the work when Jack & Finn would be coming to visit after Thanksgiving (it would have been Kye, Sadie, Chy plus Jack & Finn in the house then) - what I wouldn't give to have Cheyenne here still...

We had this big, plastic pond at the house I grew up in. When we moved, we brought it with us and put it in the backyard. My dad never got around to digging a hole for it though, so it remained, bottom up, on the ground in our backyard. Cheyenne took up the habit of laying on top of the thing (I have no idea how it held her weight!) ... again, a polar bear resting on rocks came to mind! And with her size, can you imagine a dog like that getting excited and pouncing around - ridiculous! When she was resting, if there was something nearby to rest her head on, she would, and she'd slowly (half cause of her size), innocently climb up on the sofa. Out of our three dogs, let's talk about destruction! Kye grabs and eats everything - underwear, blankets, dog beds, pants, etc. Even if she's just innocently sucking on a blankie for a week, eventually it's got a huge hole in it, then several and then it's in pieces. Napkins and tissues last about 5 seconds with Sadie too. Cheyenne though would walk passed you with a sock very obviously hanging out of her mouth and she'd look up at you just with her big eyes. You'd say "Cheyenne..." and she'd drop it like, "Oh, how'd that get in my mouth?". And if you gave her treats, oh god! She'd never eat them, she'd just sit there with one in her mouth, drooling all over, until it got soft and broke and then, she'd hold the pieces until finally she'd eat them ... jealous Kye and selfish Sadie, of course, always gobbled theirs down and we were like guarding Chy the whole time she had treats!

I miss my girl, I miss my girl. There are so many things I could say, so much I want to write down, but I just can't. There's not enough good to write about her right now ... I'm just so sad. I don't want to think about it anymore...

I miss my polar bear...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Meet Purdy - another dog in rescue looking for their forever home and a loving family. She's got a bit more to her story though than just showing up a rescue. She had a family and the one good deed they did for her was the wife getting rid of Purdy before the husband shot this poor dog. Purdy is out at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah and here's what Purdy's page says:

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Female
Age: Mature
Size: Large
Location: Kanab, Utah

All she ever wanted was a couch!

Purdy just loves to sleep on her doggie bed, and is so mellow, she promises she wouldn't be any trouble to you at all.

But her last family wouldn't give her a couch - and much worse! She was kept chained in the back yard, and one day, the husband decided to go out and shoot her cause he just didn't want her anymore. The wife had a friend smuggle Purdy to safety just in time. Poor Purdy - all she ever wanted was to be somebody's sleepy snuggle love.

Purdy is very delightful with everyone she meets. And while she's not wild about other female dogs, she's very nice to boy dogs.

Could there be an extra doggie bed at your house for a girl who's only ever wanted somebody to love her and a place she can snooze and call home?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Year!

I've had my job for a year!! How awesome is that?! I love it here. Love, love, love it here. There's just never a "bad" day and it's never a sad job like even some days at a "no kill" shelter can be.

The entry I wrote the day before starting, I hashed out my worries in and showed off some of the best parts of my apartment. Since moving in and setting, here are just a few more fun things around my apartment...

wall rack with 3 print pieces I like, a photo I took of Ali in a cornfield and one of me & Kate from my senior prom

a wall lamp my dad put together

important photos to me and a chunk of one of the shawls I have up on my walls

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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Click the photo above to read the article. Also, check the links below too:

Lost cause feline finds haven:

New Jersey Sanctuary Rescues Paralyzed Kitten:

Paralyzed kitten from Ohio finds home in Ringoes-

Tashi, the star-
Special Need: paraplegic and incontinent:

Tashi Update-


Ahhh, I think this has been a good "Sundays Are For Cats" post. :)

**Though it seems a bit silly to shorten my work place to "TP", I try to keep my personal life and work life as separate as possible ... including in my blog. The title of my work isn't shortened out of lack of respect, just to keep my blog from coming up any more than it already might in search engines for my work place.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Eight years ago there was a high percentage of the U.S. population that refused to vote or even get involved in major politics because the general understanding was that “the man” would do whatever they wanted despite what the voters said. Events like the mix up in FL are perfect proof of this, I think, and was a sad, violent shake to anyone that had any hope left in our system at the time. And so 4 years ago, the same lack of activity from the public was repeated. It was heartbreaking - even after all those programs to raise awareness, like "Rock The Vote", and educate younger generations.

After the last two elections and 8 years of a wide range of questionable acts, realizing the large amount of lies used to manipulate us and failure (and collapses) on so many levels of our world and lives by George W Bush, it was with bated breath that I waited for the results on the general election for 2008. Sure, the one promising hope, change for the better, so many good things and the one I was voting for certainly looked like he was going to win. However, my history from the past two elections had been that just because people had good/positive/different ideas, did not mean that they would win. Somehow the status quo always disappointed me in the end.

Obama won though. He won! It seems that if any good came from that last 8 years it would be the evidence that at least Bush has the ability to unite a nation to clean up after his failed experiments with democracy.

"It's been a long time coming, but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America."

(if you can’t see the above, please go to:

No matter who you voted for, it is an undeniable fact that we have made history, that we are living in incredible times (whether they frighten or joyously excite you). Out walking the day after the election, I looked up and saw something beautiful – the weather, the sky that day. All day here it was gloomy out. It didn’t actually rain and when I went outside the sky was gray, a thin layer of clouds covering the entire sky … but there was the sun, still shining through. I thought that was such a beautiful, simple sign – dark times but the sun still shining through all the same.

" I congratulate {McCain} and Governor Palin for all they have achieved, and I look forward to working with them to renew this nation's promise in the months ahead."

(if you can’t see the above, please go to:

For the first time in a very long time, I can openly and honestly say, I'm damn proud to be an American and my faith in the majority of our people is restored. We're no longer giving in to fear and have proven we can stand up against “the man”. It's a good time to be alive now. Cheers to Obama and Biden … high-five to all the people that made it possible and to the ones who may have voted for someone else, but are still embracing the possibilities of the outcome of the 2008 election.

His speech was wonderful and moving ... keep watching the bits I have in this entry. When Obama mentioned McCain in his speech (it's in the bit above, actually), the crowd still cheered. And, yes, they lost, but when McCain mentioned Obama in his speech before that there were sections of the crowd that boo'ed. I thought that was awful.

"This victory alone is not the change we seek, it is only the chance for us to make that change."

(if you can’t see the above, please go to:

I hope my friends in the military will no longer by subject to fighting illegitimate wars, but fighting for the good, for the betterment of all that we believe in and defending the honor the president soon ending his terms has tarnished. I have hope for all the hard working and middle-class people who will soon, if all goes well, no longer be screwed by an unfair tax system. I hope Obama can live up to his promises and am looking forward to a bright future ahead that he has in mind. I hope a breath of fresh air is what we need and does make a difference.

"that while we breathe, we hope, and where we are met with cynicism, and doubt, and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes We Can"

(if you can’t see the above, please go to:

My old college friend, Phil put it beautifully-
To everyone who voted with hate in their hearts...let me just say this: no, you couldn't.

To everyone who didn't vote against Obama but instead voted against "the black one," no. You couldn't.

To everyone who spread lies about our new president, and about his family, and to everyone who believed that this was the honorable way to compete for leadership of our nation and the, you couldn't.

To everyone who spent eight years gloating over the disenfranchisement of the youth, you couldn't.

To everyone who voted in hypocrisy, decrying Obama as inexperienced but perfectly happy to have an incompetent hockey mom as next in line to, you couldn't.

To everyone who turned the presidential campaign of a war hero into a disgusting spiral of venom and, you couldn't.

To everyone who exhausted every resource, be it physical, verbal, digital, to keep young people and minorities home on election, you couldn't.

To everyone who felt that our biggest obligation on Election Day was to maintain the status, you couldn't.

But to everyone who voted for McCain because they sincerely felt he was the better man for the job: welcome aboard. Yesterday we all had different presidents in mind. Today we only have one. We can do this together. And you won't be disappointed.

"Yes We Can Obama Song by"

if you can't see the above, please go here:

Taylor Swift Vlog

Check out this video: You change your mind like a girl changes clothes.

Love this! The part with her cat cracks me up too. :-)

Sunday, November 2, 2008



Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Location: Kanab, Utah

All purrs and cuddles! You'd never know the pain that Kira has endured. Kira was born in a crowded animal shelter. Her eye infections and respiratory problems never got treated - and they hurt something awful. She must have thought pain was just a part of life.

Once, she got adopted, but her infections had let to worse and worse problems, and her new family just couldn't treat her. That's why she's at Best Friends.

Today, Kira is on soothing eye drops, and of course, the most important - "love therapy". She has ulcers on her eyes from all the infections of the past. But she's feeling a lot better. She is one of the friendliest cats. She always has a cuddle and purr for you when you visit. Would anyone like to take her home? She has special needs, but she still hopes.

Look at that adorable face! I tell you, if I lived near Kanab, UT, I'd be spending my time with this girl as much as I could.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


if you can't see the above, please check out:

if you can't see the above, please check out:

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Quickdraw just looks like such a cool dog! He also looked like a good dog to post around the halloween time - big and black (often the stereotype hard to place for shelters), but so friendly looking - like those silly jack-o-lanterns you see out around this spooky time - "seasonal", but also bringing a smile to your face.

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Location: Kanab, Utah

His legs may be short, but his personality is boundless!

Quickdraw was rescued from the floods following Hurricane Katrina. He was so scared and defensive back then, that he got his name because that was how fast he would snap at you if you cornered him! But the poor thing has really, really relaxed since then. He was just traumatized and terrified!

Quickdraw, we've since learned, is the kind of dog who will love you for life once he loves you. He is a really faithful pooch. He loves eating, and will get tubby if you're not careful. He's so cute, though. And after what he survived, this little boy really deserves a happy ending and a home willing to take in a special needs dog. He may be scared when you first meet him, but please give him time. He has so much to give!

He's had a rough life already. Quickdraw is lucky to be somewhere where he's understood and loved ... but we all know that nothing compares to a forever home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Meet this sweet, "little devil". Joa is a paraplegic kitty who is in need of a special home to call her own.


Domestic Long Hair-black, Baby, Female


On the weekend of May 17th, Haddonfield had a big event and a woman came in Velvet Paws (VP) with her teens. The woman told the owner about a stray in her yard who gave birth to three kittens, one that seemed to have paralyzed legs. She said she called all over to rescues in her area (North Jersey) and she was told they would euthanize the kitten. The owner at VP was so upset that she agreed to intake and foster the kitten out of the goodness of her heart.

The cutie's name is "Joa" for Joan of Arc. It's amazing she survived outside unable to walk! She does move her tail a little but we will see what the vet thinks. At this time, Joa does not appear to be able to control her bowels on her own and she is still being syringe fed since she is just 4-5 weeks old.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pit Bull Awareness Day

Tomorrow is "Pit Bull Awareness Day" and I wanted to make everyone aware of that.

I'm a BIG dog person - I've had them my whole life! Pit Bulls are one of the greatest misunderstood type of dogs, I believe. They are constantly punished for what some of them are created to be - fighters, killers ... but this is not the type of dogs they are born as.

"Pit Bull Awareness Day" is a country-wide day to educate, raise awareness, and promote a positive pit bull image. It is also a day to raise awareness to the discrimination of the breed, and similar breeds, that comes with "breed specific legislation".

"With the constant negative publicity and sensationalized "hype" that surrounds pit bulls, Pit Bull Awareness Day was established as a day to focus on these incredible dogs and their devoted, responsible owners."

Please check out these pages-
Bless The Bullys:

The Pit Pendulum (The dilemma of the Pit Bull breed):

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Delta 2

Delta 2

"Pet me - but don't mess up my fur!"

Oh boy. This one's a primadonna! Delta likes her bed to be fluffed up - don't ask her to lie on the flat kind of cat rug. She's fond of attention. Unless she's in "one of her moods". And if something doesn't meet her standards - she is good with an evil eye.

Strangely, Delta came from an animal shelter in Pahrump, Nevada, that had fallen apart, and where the animals were being neglected. You'd think she might have low expectations because of that! But instead, when she was rescued, she looked at everyone like, "Ah, there you. It's about time. Have you contacted my lawyer? The service here has been just awful. I'm planning to sue."

Delta is healthy, young adult, and gets along fine with other animals - sometimes. Depending on which one and whether she's in the mood!

She would really like the dignity of a home.

What a cutie!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Special Blog Shout Out

Well, here's a special blog shout out this week for Dogs on Thursday. You may remember my post telling the story of Mr. Bones and raising funds to bring him to his new adoptive home on the east coast from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

This week, instead of posting an adoptable dog for my Dogs on Thursday post, I'm referring you all to Bones' travel journal as he makes his way to his new home with his new mom and sister. The journal is being kept by my friend Joyce, Bones' new mom, Bones' new "aunt" and Bones himself every so often - and by Bones himself I mean that he'd like credit for the photos he needs to be in :)

Check it out: Miles for Mr. Bones (in case you can't click on it for some reason, here's the link to copy and paste:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Debate

Shit. I hate to say it, but I think McCain did well tonight ... and by "well", I mean, if anyone doesn't know McCain and his beliefs, he sounded great! Sadly, I feel more of the public don't know the candidates and buy this crap politicians feed us around this time every four years. McCain is lying, lying, lying. Sure, it's part of politics, but it scares me so much that people might (and probably are) believing this stuff.

- "life begins at conception" "I'm pro-life" ... but McCain was saying Obama's statements saying McCain's against stem cell research are negative and lies??? Life begins are conception and stem cell research contradict one another completely in the mind of conservative, pro-life people like McCain.
- "I'm proud of the people who come to our rallies" ... oh yea? The ones who chant "kill, kill, kill", you support them too?
- For McCain to say Sarah Palin's excited women and brought them a step forward is just absolutely disgusting to me. Talk about a big, whopping lie! Most women are insulted. People with Sarah Palin's qualification have never been involved before because they're not qualified! New doesn't mean different and new to the scene definitely doesn't mean better.
- At one point McCain said "hundreds" and then corrected himself it to "billions" ... I wasn't going to point that out, but McCain did that more than one and, man, that's a big difference!
- I cannot believe McCain said that most of Superior Court decisions were wrong. How insulting to those judges who have achieved such standing and the presidents that suggested they be put in those positions! Then he said that such decisions should rest in the hands of the states - uh, why are we the "united" states at all then???
- Anyone that supports Roe V Wade automatically makes them unqualified for sitting on the Superior Court?! Wow! That's terrifying. Though I do not believe that is a decision I could ever personally make, I will never, ever, ever be okay with some older, white man thinking he can take that option away from every woman no matter what the circumstances. Uh! And for Obama to then smooth it over by saying that he feels abortion is a very difficult issue and a moral issue ... that the constitution has a "right to privacy" in it. I liked that!! That our "rights" should not be put up to public vote. Oh man, he won me right there if he hadn't already. Personal, private choices should remain that - our own decisions, not forced ones due to a narrow minded, conservative weighed judges and if that's "mainstream America" - well, mainstream isn't everyone's current in life!
- Personally I also really liked Obama's idea of community work required for students - I think it is GREAT! My rescue experience has gotten me so far in life, made me very mature & aware. Also, I cannot imagine my life without my time in Belize, even for how short it was. That time in my life will forever be greatly valued and on my mind.
- And my, wouldn't it be great to get rid of bad teachers!? They're such a detriment to not only the education of our children, but their self-esteem and self value. Whether they feel bad for constantly doing poorly in a class due to poor teaching practices, unhelpful, non-hands-on educators or those belittling teachers. They affect our whole lives greatly!
- Oh, and I also liked how McCain practically jumped Obama yelling saying "Good job. Good job." I guess him not shaking hands last time got him a slap on the wrist from his party?

Afterwards, NBC had a little mini poll/interview with 4 independent voters, 1 republican and 1 democrat. When asked to answer honestly, 3 people raised their hands saying they knew people who would not vote for Obama due to his race. When asked if they knew anyone that would not vote for McCain due to Sarah Palin ... every single one of those six people raised their hand! That says something right there, I think. Also, they were very impressed that Obama contained his temperament and discipline - I have to agree with that. I don't want a president that gets heated, over-worked and angry representing me ... let alone making decisions in a time of crisis.

Post debate I checked out the polls on AOL and found this comment along the lines of how stupid Democrats must be and the women who are doing anything but falling to their knees in worship before McCain because of how awful Obama was to Hillary Clinton. What?! I felt compelled to comment as well: Fastcat121, as a woman, I wouldn't vote for McCain strictly for the embarrassment to my gender that is Sarah Palin and for the undeniable factor that he chose her because she IS a woman ... as if that would mean I'd automatically vote for her strictly because we both have vag...s - a family she can't control (pregnant, unwed teen when she's so conservative, a soon-to-be-son-in-law that dropped out of highschool when Palin said before that there's no reason to not work through whatever and get your high school diploma), a brain she is being fed lines to follow (yay for setting women back so far) and the lack of a backbone to stick up for herself, her values and women as a whole is so SAD!

Let's go to a new topic - McCain, you're one old fuck! ... err, uhh ::insert something nice, Jen!!:: - I hope you all enjoyed the debate!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Are Their Heroes

We Are Their Heroes
by Jim Willis

If you worry that you have not made a difference, you have,
for only those who do not worry about it have not.
If you feel overwhelmed, if the weight of problems is too heavy to bear,
remember it is a shared burden
and the strength of numbers can accomplish much.

If you think society and government are blind,
it only serves to remind that we need to change
one mind at a time, one law after another.
We effect change by cooperation, not by isolation.

If you consider that we cannot save them all,
and what difference does one make?,
you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved.
Mourn those we cannot save, it is a eulogy to their being.
Do not let their loss be in vain.

Be kind to yourself, remember your needs
and those of your family and friends of every species.
If you give everything, what will you have left for yourself,
or for them?
Strive to be happy and healthy. You are needed.
Achieving balance in life is a lifelong struggle.
We who help those who do not have all that they need
should be among the most grateful for what we have.

Be proud of your accomplishments, not your opinions.
The quality of your efforts is more important than the quantity.
Forgive your own deficiencies - sometimes your caring is sufficient.
Everyone can do something, it is up to you to do the thing you can.
A kind word and a gentle touch can change a life.

If anger wells up within you, because people are the problem,
remember your humanity and that people are also the solution.
Concentrate on specific needs, pay attention to the individual -
they make up the whole.
See beyond the unlovable, the unattractive,
the impure and the wounded -
see that their spirit is as deserving as the rest. Help them heal.
Their eyes are windows to their soul
and the mirror of your sincerity.

All species, all beings, share this Earth in a chain of life.
Care more about what makes us alike than what separates us.
Policies, rules and regulations are not infallible.
Apply them judiciously, interpret them wisely.
No decision based purely on money is ever the right one.

Listen to your heart. Sometimes we have to do that which
we are most afraid of.
Be true to yourself and your beliefs.
Family may abandon you,
friends may disappoint you, strangers will ridicule you.
People shun what they do not understand.
Help them to understand - kindly, softly, gently.

Those who do not respect all life are to be pitied.
Often the wrongdoer is as in need of help as his victims.
Forgive, then teach by example.
Educate yourself or you cannot hope to teach others.
No action based in hatred is ever right
and anger drowns out wisdom.

Yours may be a voice crying in the wilderness,
make it a voice to be respected.
Listen more than you talk, be courteous and reliable.
Learn to ask for help. Never waiver from the truth.
Know that it takes a lot of strength to cry
And with every defeat, we learn.

All Creation celebrates that which is in its own best interest.
The Children are our hope - nurture them.
Nature is our legacy - protect it.
The Animals are our brethren - learn from them.

Your rewards will not be material, but they will be meaningful,
and the courage of your convictions can survive anything.
We are small boats cast adrift on a cruel sea,
but someday the tide will turn toward a safe harbor.
No matter how dark the storm clouds,
or deep the pain of heartbreak - never forget:
We are their heroes.


Sam is in foster care in Brooklawn, but his home is actually under attack ("harassment") due to the town's pet limit law ... apparently the public service that their resident does by fostering is not seen that way by the town board.

Brown Tabby w/ White, Adult, Male

[Sam] was getting so stressed out [at the shelter he was at before] that he was repeatedly getting sick to the point the vet suggested just to put him to sleep. Instead, he was kindly kept in an office by himself until FFRV stepped in and put him into a foster home of our own.

Sam is a LOVE. He adores his new foster family and follows them ALL over the house and sleeps with them at night. He also LOVES to play ... This handsome, sweet boy just wants attention and is a real love ... The vet also discovered ... Sammy's declawed!

Sam was at a disgusting, disgusting shelter before that kept their animals in awful, neglected conditions. One kitty that I have myself in foster care, Candice, had her mouth in such an awful condition that every single one of her teeth removed ASAP and her mouth was so infected that her tonsils had swollen to the point of almost blocking her breathing:

Sam was said to hate other animals, keep getting stressed in the shelter environment and so should be put to sleep ... he's in a very diverse foster home now with lots of other animals needing homes and was doing just fine the last I heard. He could have been killed for an absolutely bogus reason!

I know the back story because I was the one that pulled Sam and was lucky enough to have his foster mom offer to care for him and take him into the rescue she is a board member of.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Driving to my parents the other day, the wind blew and all these gorgeous red leaves blew across the road. It was beautiful! Not to mention, it was during one of my favorite parts during the drive. This one part is very hilly, crowded with trees (gorgeous this time of year!) and the extra gush of wind that tossed those leaves into my view was just so nice.

Then, late last night, I finally got back to my apartment and it was long past the time that the lights in the parking lot go out ... but this huge moon was shining down on me. I could not only find my way to my door, but the fields were lit up and the hills. It was beautiful, a really nice way to end the night.

And, then, to top it all off, when I woke up this morning the fog was heavy, frost was on everything and it was just the whipped topping. :) It was so pretty looking out my window and across the field. The frost, the fog, the chilly weather ... it seems as if fall is finally here!

Soon enough the heavy smell of burning wood from the mill next door should be in the air and I love that smell! Strange, maybe, but I find that to be such a good smell. It just lets me know that it's cold out, winter is here and that mean it's time for bundling up, snuggling close and warm drinks (like I need any more of an excuse for drinking tea or hot chocolate!). Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expect More Videos

McCain, Palin, Tina Fey, SNL, The View, election, 2008

Expect a lot of videos until election day comes ... sure, clips can be edited, cut and other altered, but they're still informative and, biased or not, not half the bull these "supported" ads are filled with

"Straight Talk"

if you can't see the above, please go here:

"John McCain - One More Lie Can't Hurt..."

if you can't see the above, please go here:

and, just for the sheer entertainment of it:

if you can't see the above, please go here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

R.I.P. Tails

We lost Tails today. I'm quite a bit heartbroken...

Tails has been at the sanctuary for several years now, 3 I think, and he is the brother to the recently adopted "TJ". Though they weren't particularly bonded to one another specifically, they both enjoyed the company of other cats - which, towards the end of their time together, did include one another.

Our handsome gray cat had the opportunity to be adopted. Due to Tails's medical history ("He had heart disease at some point, but he was also hyperthyroid. He was treated successfully for his hyperthyroidism, and that treatment may also have reversed his heart disease.") we decided to have Tails examined by a vet before he was adopted. It was at this time we found out that Tails was in congestive heart failure and had fluids on his lungs. Needless to say, Tails was not adopted* in order to keep his stress down, keep him comfortable and start a requment of medicines to give Tails the best shot possible.

Tails hung in there for a couple months, lucky boy, and was able to see his brother TJ adopted out quite recently and welcome a new cat into his room - Geri. He did have to have more fluid taken off his lungs and went through several types of medicine (different kinds and varieties of those -liquid, pills, injectible-). He was also able to eat whatever he wanted, a real treat to a boy who has for some time now been in our "fat cat" room on a diet. :)

Yesterday, Tails was really seeming down and he had been. His appetite had been down, he wasn't talking like he usually did and his breathing seemed to have reached a substantial state of effort. The decision was made to let him go and he was surrounded by some of the people that really loved him. Oreo hung around when he normally scurries off and he stretched for some good scratches right up until the end, pushing Ginny's hand when she took a break. Jon joked about what an absolute terror he used to be - wild! I am lucky enough to just remember him as the chatty gray boy always ready to eat and chat in Adoption Room 2.

I am upset. Not only did we lose him, but I really feel like he got ripped off - when we found out, he was about to be adopted, his brother was finally back into the same room with him and then all this...

R.I.P. Tails

*On a positive note, the family that had intended to adopt him did adopt another wonderful cat from us.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pinky Bear

Here's my Dogs on Thursday post :)

Pinky Bear

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Location: Kanab, Utah

Here's how Pinky Bear's site reads:
No such thing as a stranger!

Pinky Bear is instantly best friends with everyone she meets. She just loves to be walked, touched, petted - and loved.

Pinky Bear walks very politely on her leash. She is smart, and really focuses her attention on the person at hand. What a dream student, she is! She loves figuring out new games and tricks. And she's extremely devoted to anyone who'll stay with her longer than an afternoon.

Plenty of energy, too. She can run an agility course that'll really knock your socks off. A great dog! A bit of a "me only" dog. Not so wild about sharing you with other pooches. But she is fantastic.

All this girl needs is a chance.

Something about this girl's sweet face really caught my attention ... and what a cute name! Sure, maybe she might be the type of dog needing to be an "only pet", but in general, I think Staffies are so cute with their big heads and boxy build. They're gravely overlooked in shelters as well. I'm glad there's a place like Best Friends constantly there to help as often as possible. They truly go above and beyond.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Win For Wolves"

It's the best possible news! The Bush Administration has just announced it intends to withdraw its plan to strip gray wolves of their endangered species protection in the Northern Rockies.

What a huge win for wolves AND for hundreds of thousands of online activists like you who share the credit for this amazing victory!

Let me bring you up to speed. Last March, the Bush Administration declared the Northern Rockies' wolf population "fully recovered," then it handed off responsibility for the wolves to Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Just as we predicted, a bloodbath ensued, with 110 wolves slaughtered by state agents and hunters in as many days.

NRDC, Earthjustice and 11 other conservation groups raced to court and won an injunction that put a temporary halt to the killing until the full case could be heard. We fully expected to fight a drawn-out courtroom battle in order to win a permanent victory.

But thanks to the Bush Administration's surrender, that battle will NOT happen. Instead, the wolves of Yellowstone and the surrounding region will remain protected by federal law.

That means Wyoming, Montana and Idaho will NOT be allowed to begin the extermination of hundreds of wolves this fall as part of a massive public hunt -- the first in more than three decades. Instead, those wolves will continue to roam the Rockies -- wild and free -- as nature and the law intended!

Why did U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials throw in the towel? They had to face up to the fact that their case against wolf protection would never hold up in court. Above all, they ignored the best available science showing that wolf populations had not fully recovered.

In the end, the Administration had little choice but to put its tail between its legs and beat a hasty retreat.

Make no mistake: the fight doesn't end here. You can be sure the federal government will be back soon enough with a new plan. And the states will learn their lessons and return with yet another scheme for killing wolves.

But you can be equally sure that, with your help, NRDC will stand vigilant, fully prepared to meet and turn back any new and deadly threat.

In the meantime, please join me and all of us here at NRDC in celebrating this red-letter day in the storied history of the Endangered Species Act. It happened because you and thousands of others chose to stand up in defense of embattled wildlife. Thank you!

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council


Continuing on with the Dogs of Thursday blog entry my aunt does, I'm writing about daisy. Daisy came up to join me in my apartment today, so this entry will be about her (- duh!). She's in need of a home, she's a wonderful and she's an adult Shepherd mixed dog that I brought up from Georgia - the same shelter that One-Eyed Jack and Finn came from.

It was a "gallbladder removal surgery" present to myself. After some back and forth conversations with my contact down in GA, she was going to pick a dog out for me. I had mentioned no money (my surgery meant no paycheck) and she found sponsor money for me, but by that time it was the morning OF my surgery! I told her I'd be recovering and unless it was a tiny dog, puppy or a coach potato, sponsor money or not, I couldn't do it. I couldn't take on a large dog that would drag my around while I recovered from my surgery. So, there it was - I was getting a dog and leaving the choice of which dog up to my contact - thank goodness she's good to me!

Oh, and I say "it" referring to the dog up to this point because I knew Daisy as a cute, MALE Shepherd mix until my parents picked her up and she was definitely not a boy. Needless to say, I was terrified that after she was assumed to be a boy dog and at an overcrowded shelter that she might be pregnant - thankfully, she was actually already fixed.

Daisy is sweet, pretty quiet and likes to be by your side or sleeping on the sofa. She's yet to jump up on the bed. She sits for her food, though when overly excited (meal time or meeting new people), she does jump up. We're working on that. Aside from needing to get over some awful sneezing after getting out of the shelter, she's been in great health and, oh, is housebroken too.

The only real flaw I've been able to root up is that Daisy doesn't seem to photograph well though. She's predominantly tan and does not have as much dark coloring as a Shepherd might. It might be this that affects it, but she comes off looking older in her photos. She's only about 2 to 2 1/2 years old.

She's just reached that point in her life where she's lost that "puppy hyper energy" and, unlike Jack and Finn, it is very obvious Daisy had a loving family at some point. Jack lost an eye and was terrified of people, especially men, and he had to build himself up to sleep in "comfy" spots (for the longest time, he'd just lay down on the hardwood floor, instead of the bed I had for him, as if that was what he was used to. Finn was so skinny, isn't housebroken, possibly has a long untreated allergy problem and didn't even know to sit when I said it, tried to push his butt down or use a treat for the behavior. Daisy wants to be with people, she's housebroken, she's fixed, she fit right into my family when we took her in to foster her and she jumps right up on a sofa.

I'm not sure what's been more moving and heart-wrenching - to watch dogs like Jack & Finn get used to love, comfort and happiness or a dog like Daisy who came into my house with almost a visual sigh of relief that she was back somewhere comfortable & safe.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mobile Photo Upload

Cute little kittens. Cute, cute, cute!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Controversy With Chunk?;jsessionid=8199C828730BBCE3EC4F47FB671D9D29?contentId=7105857&version=9&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Fat Cat Controversy: Owner Disputes Tabby Was Abandoned
Created: Thursday, 31 Jul 2008, 10:59 AM EDT

The real owner of a 44-pound New Jersey cat tells Fox 29 that media reports about how her gigantic cat wound up at a local shelter are only partially true.

The owner, Donna Oklatner, spoke with Fox 29 about how her hefty pet, Powder, made it to the Camden County animal shelter in Blackwood, and then into the national headlines.

The 68-year-old woman says she put Powder up for adoption and a shelter official picked up the cat, with her permission. (Recent media reports said that the cat was found abandoned and taken to the shelter.)

"It broke my heart to give him up. I could not take care of him. I love him. It broke me heart. I wanted him to have a good home," Oklatner said.

She and her husband had their South Jersey house foreclosed and the husband then had to go to a nursing home.

Because Oklatner is staying with friends, she had to make the decision for Powder to go to the shelter for adoption.

"Nobody would take him," Oklatner said. "And then one of the neighbors -- I'm not going to say where, but a friend of mine -- said, 'Listen. We know you can't afford to have Powder.' And it's not because he ate too much. It was because of the foreclosure and my not having a home, a place to go. So, they said they would take him and put him in a shelter."

A shelter official contacted by Fox 29 confirmed on Wednesday night that the cat was picked up for adoption, and not abandoned.

The official said the cat is 11 years old and a male.

Initial reports indicted that the cat, nicknamed by the shelter Princess Chuck, was found wandering the streets of Voorhees.

Officials at the Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood said they received the cat Saturday from Animal Control after the cat was found outdoors, without a collar, in Voorhees.

That directly contradicts the woman's story about how the cat came to the center for adoption.

The Shelter's newest resident quickly became an Internet sensation when it became known that he was almost as big as the world's biggest known house cat.

Hmmm, why would a KILL shelter seek out a cat to bring into their facility when they are soooo full? How did they not get the gender right when they got this animal from its owner (let alone for the fact they should be able to determine these basics when they're paid to!)? Why would the shelter post him all over the national news and think there would be no one that would hunt down the truth & reveal ALL their lies ... wonder if they had some sort of special surrender contract written up by a lawyer to try to keep the previous owner anonymous too!

If this whole thing is NOT extortion and disgusting, I'm not sure what is!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chickens Saved by First Grader Expose Hatching Project Horrors

I'm taking the Dogs on Thursday idea and running with it so I've got more articles to add to my blog. Enjoy "Farm-life Friday!" :)

Original Story

As kids head back to school at the start of September, teachers everywhere are implementing curricula to enhance students’ learning experiences and instill knowledge in them to last a lifetime. Though well-intentioned these planned lessons may be, some will unfortunately involve students’ complicity in animal exploitation. Among those class assignments which seem harmless to many at first glance, but cause more damage than good – including zoo field trips and animal dissection labs – is the hatching of chicks to teach the life cycle.

Prevalent in schools both urban and rural, hatching projects not only contribute to the senseless suffering of countless animals, but also send a message to kids that living creatures are disposable. Regrettably, the hard-to-swallow truths behind these projects are not often realized by participants and their parents until it’s too late to change their outcome. That is, unless someone already knows to speak up to stop animal abuse when they see it – someone like Manhattan PS 234 first grader, Rose McCoy, who along with her mom, Emily, sprung into action after her class embarked on such a lesson, leading 16 ill-fated chicks to our New York Shelter.

According to Emily, proud parent of 7-year-old Rose, the hatching project, conducted by four PS 234 elementary school classrooms, began in April after being added to the curriculum earlier last year without her knowledge or consent. The lesson involved each class incubating about a dozen eggs. Of those incubated in Rose’s class, six hatched and only four survived. In another class all the chicks died. It didn’t take long for fatalities, Emily said, to become the hallmark of the lesson – a reality that disturbed, rather than educated, Rose.

“The problem we’ve seen with hatching projects like this is that since the chicks are being used like inanimate teaching tools instead of valued as sentient creatures, their welfare rarely enters the equation,” said National Shelter Director Susie Coston. “Add to that the fact that you’re dealing with extremely fragile chicks, who need very special care, and you get a recipe for disaster: high mortality rates, illness, deformities, and injuries. That’s a lot of suffering for life lessons that can be humanely and more accurately taught through alternative means.”

The PS 234 hatching project culminated with a school celebration originally intended to send the chicks off to a poultry farm outside of New York City, where they would have entered into production if they hadn’t been rescued by Rose and Emily. After negotiating the chicks’ release, the McCoys arranged for their safe transport to Farm Sanctuary, where the week-old birds – including one with a severely-injured leg from being handled incorrectly – were monitored closely and cared for ‘round the clock during their first critical weeks of life.

“The children, especially Rose, naturally felt affection for the chicks and were devastated when they died. The sad reality is that there is no real difference between the chicks who passed away in the classroom and the ones being raised for slaughter at the farm – the kids just haven’t gotten close to the birds at the farm and won’t witness their deaths,” said Emily. “I learned years ago that there is nothing natural about the way commercial chickens are raised, beginning with factory breeding practices and ending with the hatching of chicks who never know their moms. At the end of the day, the lesson plan failed to show kids the truth.”

In lieu of a PS 234 first grade class’ field trip to see chickens being raised for meat and eggs at a poultry farm in New Jersey, Rose, with family in tow, visited Farm Sanctuary instead, where, in addition to bonding with a rooster named Fennel, she checked up on the chicks and with the help of her father, Padraic, aptly named one Saoirse, a strong Irish name meaning “freedom.” Now, as the McCoys continue cultivating compassion with teachers and administrators at PS 234, Saoirse and the other chickens are sowing seeds as well – teaching visitors to the shelter about the hidden plight of animals raised for food and the miracle of all life.

Do you know or have a child in school? Visit today to learn more about how kids can promote alternatives to animal experimentation and help animals in their classrooms. If you are a teacher and you would like to sow some seeds of compassion with your students, order our Cultivating Compassion materials for lesson plans, hand outs and classroom activities!

Original Story