Sunday, November 2, 2008



Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Location: Kanab, Utah

All purrs and cuddles! You'd never know the pain that Kira has endured. Kira was born in a crowded animal shelter. Her eye infections and respiratory problems never got treated - and they hurt something awful. She must have thought pain was just a part of life.

Once, she got adopted, but her infections had let to worse and worse problems, and her new family just couldn't treat her. That's why she's at Best Friends.

Today, Kira is on soothing eye drops, and of course, the most important - "love therapy". She has ulcers on her eyes from all the infections of the past. But she's feeling a lot better. She is one of the friendliest cats. She always has a cuddle and purr for you when you visit. Would anyone like to take her home? She has special needs, but she still hopes.

Look at that adorable face! I tell you, if I lived near Kanab, UT, I'd be spending my time with this girl as much as I could.

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