Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thanks to all who attended our Support Rally!

From cat adopters to feral caretakers, a veterinarian and local shelter employees, head of well established local rescues and those who constantly help animals through low cost spay/neuter programs and the head of one of the best communication networks in the Tri-State area … all walks of animal lovers came together today in order to discuss drawing more attention to and making people understand just HOW much we are ALL affected by pet limit laws and WHY they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Thank you greatly to those that attended and I hope you’re making your calls. For those interested in helping out (time, money or even contacts are a BIG help), please let us know ASAP. You can check out our official Petfinder website ( ) or contact us by phone: 856-845-8554

The dedicated volunteers of
Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers, Inc.


Photo: Jennifer Smith (left) and FFRV President Jen Wesh (right) listen as our attorney briefs the attendees on the specifics of the March 11 court trial. Jennifer Smith owns the foster home that is being threatened by the Borough of Brooklawn.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

words for tuesday

ah, "words for Wednesday" would have had a much nicer ring to it, but ... it's Tuesday!

So, this is off subject from "rescue" but my mind's distracted with 9/11 memories. Of the few added stations I got when my mom got me cable for my birthday, I only really watch the National Geographic Channel and there's a special on about 9/11 and the twin towers. That whole day breaks my heart when I think about it ... the action of the towers falling, the pictures of loved one posted all over and just everything about that, everything. Uh!

One-Eyed Jack was adopted by a wonderful, wonderful couple. They seemed just perfect for him and I haven't heard much from them (only good things when I have) which is always good ... especially after his first adoption when he came back so quickly for such a silly, silly reason.

When you adopt an animal, they come with baggage - they're not perfect and even the people who have spent countless times with these animals cannot guarantee their reactions to EVERY situation they may come across in their life. Could I have told my friend that the starved, scared, little, sweet, like-velcro Rotti (that was found wandering the streets) she adopted would be everything she could dream of and a loyal companion ... except for when her husband undresses and takes his belt off? No. I do the best I can for these animals, but at the end of the line, it's an UNDERSTANDING person that takes each day as it comes who makes a good adopter, not just someone interested in doing a good thing by adopting.

I believe I found that for Jack. I think he's one lucky boy and that his new family is just great ... I even get to have him come visit soon. :) I'm sure my parents' dogs will be terribly excited to have him back to run and play with. I'm so thankful!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am sick ...

I am sick, sick, sick - ick! I feel disgusting and awful and my chest makes this gross sound when I breath in ... definitely not good! But it's nothing I can't get over on my own I'm sure.

I'm working on a grass roots project in the hopes of helping some more animals kind of local to here who are in desperate need. Cross your fingers all goes well and that it happens quickly ... these animals really can't wait. Each day is pretty much torture for them with the neglect they're going through.