Thursday, April 5, 2007

daydreaming and I'm thinking of you

I had another seizure last week. I fell between two tables and apparently kept bashing my face into the one table ... and it was at a fundraiser too.

The last I really remember was setting my stuff down to help Maureen hand out prizes and then I was waking up on the floor. I broke two teeth, my canines, and my tooth literally went through my lip. My aunt told me later that she didn't think it looked that awful - until she realized that as she was looking at my face she could see inside my mouth.

After an MRI to make sure I didn't shatter my cheek bones, I needed 4 stitches to put my lip back together and my lip was so bad that the doctors seemed to neglect everything else: I tore my back up, my knees are all bruised and I'm still not entirely sure my one finger's alright - it is bruised down into my palm.

I'm not sure what's worse: falling backwards and losing chunks of my memory from the concussions or falling face first and losing chunks of my face...

I wasn't allowed to shower that night either since the stitches were fresh, so the next day when I was showering, the water ran red with blood. My hair felt like cement because it was so caked with blood. I had to sit there and try to pick my hair apart just to get it wet. I hate this, I hate this...