Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All In A Day's Work

Today was going along fairly normal - me planted near the kitchen to keep my dad out, trying to manage his pacing, get him to do some minor projects, etc. It was not a good day though. Around 4 PM, my dad came in and told me there was a fawn outside ... and it was stuck in the horse pen.

I had a dozen bad images in my head of this thing panicking as we approached it! Would I be on my way to the wildlife rehabilitation emergency facility a couple hours away soon? How hurt was this poor thing? I mean, stuck in the fence sounds pretty serious ... especially when I saw my dad grab huge wire cutters. Was the fawn's mom still near by? Was I about to get kicked with those nasty hooves? Agh!

As if I wasn't worked up enough, the sight of this poor thing just made my heart sink even more ... he must have jumped over the fence (and made it) when something went wrong. He was hanging upside-down by one hind leg with his body resting on the ground, but twisted so his head was laying between the fence and his own side. To top it all off, I felt awful because I had no idea how long that poor fawn had been hanging there because my dad had been inside watching TV for hours (when normally he'd be outside or in the garage near the horse pen working on stuff) because he was so awful today (he can get really destructive when trying to "fix" things).

I had grabbed the wire cutters from my dad on the walk through the one pen for our horses and told him to go turn off the electric tape that runs along most of the fence and to maybe consider getting the neighbor ... basically, I just didn't want my dad over there and upsetting the poor fawn further.

I was terrified as the approached the fawn. With the way the fawn was hanging there, so still and for who knows how long, I was shocked he was still alive! No time to space, I cut the fence and he didn't move at all. However, it wasn't as simple as just cutting the one fence wire loop. The fawn had fought so hard to free himself, he'd wedged his little leg into one corner and really pulled the fencing tight around him. For the next part, I'm lucky he didn't freak out and hurt us both! I had to pull on the wire and then grab that little munchkin's hoof and pull it out and away from the fence. Injuries-wise, the fawn had a cut on this leg, maybe an inch long, not too thick and thankfully not too deep. His leg was straight hanging there (didn't look broken) and he got right up and dashed off into the woods, so I'm hoping he's ok.

It was just a few minutes, but what a crazy day that made for! I hope that little fawn is ok tonight and his cut doesn't get infected. It's just such a shame because that damn metal fence has never actually caught a deer or fawn like that before and it's only around maybe 1/3 of our entire pen.

On another note: what a game, what a game tonight for the Flyers. I wish I had been there and yet with the way it actually ended, maybe not.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Blood Season 3 Prospects

Last weekend we had the Emmys and bits and pieces to hold us over (anyone else notice the episodes that were playing last Sunday on HBO???), such as the marathons I'm sure some of you were running off your DVRs or On Demand. But, this weekend, it might actually be hitting some of us hard - Sunday Funday/Sinday and new True Blood episodes are actually gone ... and gone for months! Ugh!

Well, this exciting list I came across recently really got me inspired and interested in the theories and ideas that might be coming for Season 3 of True Blood ... which, again, is oh so many months away! Check it out: What Do We Know About True Blood Season 3? (SPOILERS)

Obviously, a key part in the finale, the show and Season 3/Book 3 is Bill and Sookie’s relationship. It seems the queen was hinting at something and we book readers know several things could be going on, but the big one seems to be the one writers are considering unveiling now. On a silly, shallow note, I need to say that it sure would it be nice to get rid of catch phrases in articles and interviews like "Sookie's true love, Bill Compton" (source) since we book readers know it’s more like “big time liar lover” lol Oh and comments like "the love between them is authentic and real" (source) - but if all that real love is based on a lie... Could the queen be hinting at that? Could they be hinting at that plot line from the books being followed in the show as well? I don’t know, but I’m well aware it’s created quite the heated debate - you can find me in several places, I’m “Jenny W” on page 9 and some comments on the first page) - it seems Alan Ball may be considering driving the stake right into the heart of the Bill/Sookie relationship.

"We tried to structure Season One with Rene’s identity as the killer that way, to never shine a light on it but Michael Raymond-James, who played Rene, knew from the very beginning that he was the killer. So he played it in a very subtle way so that if you watch those DVDs, now you’re like, oh, I see it. But we never want to give that away on the first go-around. I’d have to say it’s a similar situation with [Bill’s kidnapping]." (source) - Oh shit! You know I'm gonna start re-watching Season 2 ASAP now to see if I catch any hints because I'm really hoping it's not Eric! Seriously.

One thing that is a bit disappointing though is Bill's kidnapping and the concept of dropping "the big secret" now. In the book, Bill seemed horribly uninterested, then gone with the prospects of not coming back (he gives Sookie instructions in case he doesn't). Then Sookie finds out he's with his maker and former lover ... and with how distant he was before, she's left believing Bill's with Lorena by choice. He's abandoned her, left her and betrayed her - is with someone else. This crushes her: her first love has cheated on her, left her for someone he's been with before; though he's her first love, he's had others; he never even told her, Sookie could have been waiting for him forever or worrying, thinking he was dead; etc. Their relationship is over - especially after one, final horrific incident in the trunk of a car! This is crucial for later when the secret is revealed because Eric is not telling Sookie to gain the upper hand. Bill & Sookie have long been done with and Eric makes Bill tell Sookie simply so that she knows the truth. There's no personal agenda. That part really speaks for its self and the way Eric feels about Sookie,. To reveal the secret now, after Bill's been kidnapped, will only make Eric look like more of a manipulating bastard and that's seriously not his character. I’m sorry, but it’s getting to the point with Alan Ball where I just want to be like, “If you wanted to make a completely different character, you should have – new name and everything.” I wish people would quit calling him a villain...

On that note: “In order to have him be a real, viable option for Sookie, you have to have some humanity there. She may be attracted to him physically, especially now that she’s had his blood, but she’s never going to go with somebody who she feels is evil or at the very least amoral. That was definitely what we were thinking of with Eric." (source) - Excellent! Keep going in that direction! A character should be a mix of good and bad - not this 99% good guy thing (I love humans, I eat people, but spare them too (FotS attackers), I didn't want to be turned/victimized, etc = Bill). Come on, he’s a vampire! I hope they’re going to get back to the already developed character Eric from the books that we all know and love!

There were a couple blog posts and articles about Lafayette as well which I was excited to see. Which got me going the most?? "certainly we will see more and more of Lafayette. He built a lot of walls around himself. But we will see him get vulnerable next year — and not just being afraid of Eric." (source) Ooh, think they're gonna make the victim of the vamp sugar daddy storyline Lafayette instead of Tara (like in the books)!??!! Can you tell I love that plot line? :) But let’s be honest, Sookie has already saved Lafayette from poor treatment from vamps once already. Will she really need to do that again??

Anyway, anyway… also check out (source) - This was actually a really interesting article to me because, let's be honest, the potential for Lafayette is endless. He's an awesome character, played by a great actor and in the books he was dead and done with so quickly. They've kept him alive in the show and the writers can take that anywhere - moving ahead in building his character and looking back on who is was and how he's come to be the person he is. That's definitely exciting, I think. This idea would definitely be interesting ""There are so many lines about how his mother treated [Lafayette]," Ellis said. "It would be nice if we found out in the flashbacks that she was a vampire."

I'm hoping the queen improves. She's been introduced a bit early, so there's more potential to work her role and character. "She’s crazy! I mean, that character is insane" (source) In regards to queen Sophie-Anne. So, hopefully the scenes with her only get better. HOPEFULLY… She’s supposed to be so bad ass and yet ERW is sucking so far as her, I think. There was a better showing of the character in the last episode, but still…

Ok, this is less of a theory and speculation about Season 3 and just something I’ve been noticing a bit more and more and am starting to think on: Anyone else starting to have the feeling that they're smooshing Jason and the book character JB(?) DuRone together in the show? For non-bookies, JB is a townie who also went to school with Tara and Sookie. He's hot, hot, hot, but dumb as a brick (two reasons he was an easy date for Sookie back in the day: good looking and a fairly quiet head, but sadly his ‘dumb as a stump’ characteristic made him too boring). I think with how dumb Jason's been (though highly entertaining and he’s no scholar in the books either), the fact there is no JB in the show, the fact Jason is "more human"(?) than Sookie and this quote from Alan Ball about how Jason is going to feel towards Tara: "Jason is going to be consumed with guilt. And he’s going to feel like, “I’ve ruined her life and I’ve got to make her feel better."(source) I'm thinking that might be the case. He’s gorgeous, not so smart and not maybe linking up with Tar? I don’t know. That’s what it sounds like to me… I'm not saying Tara and Jason end up together, but I'm starting to think that some of book JB's personality and storyline might be just melted into the show's Jason Stackhouse.

Ok, let’s revisit and re-think this “more human” concept they seem to be having for Jason when compared to Sookie. "Certainly, part of Sookie’s quest in Season Three, apart from trying to find Bill and find out who took him, is to figure out who and what she is. And by the end of the season, she certainly will be beginning to figure that out." (source) - Oh, excellent! They don't just give it away. I know it's best to bring in some bits of books further along in the series to spice things up, explore characters and make sure you get them in there in case, gawd forbid, the show doesn't run as many seasons as there are books in the series. I was really concerned though that they were just going to spill the beans on some things that came a lot later in the books though and I'm glad they're not going to just throw that out their immediately in Season 3. I think this is a really important piece of the puzzle to hold back initially because throughout the books, you got used to who Sookie was, who she thought she was and so you really experienced the shock along with her when she finds out there’s more to her.

“Basically, all of the events of Season Two take place over eight days. So she’s still a fairly freshly-made vampire. Bill hasn’t been much of a maker and she just had a really emotional experience with Hoyt walking out on her. It’s part of her instincts as a vampire and her need to feed and her not liking Tru Blood because it’s a poor substitute and also she’s just got rage." (source) - Ok, maybe we're not gonna have baby vamp turn into a serial killer. Whoo! I would have hated to see her go so soon. Maybe this will prove to the council they can't just force someone into being a maker either!

"a lot of Charlaine’s books just work so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" (source) - Yay! …though I'm interested to see how you pull all CH's hard work back together after mucking it all up in Season 2. For example, there's big lust there between Alcide and Sookie in the books which is possible because she thinks Bill is no longer interested/left her for someone else. I'm interested to see how they're going to work that in since Bill's been taken by force … or, more likely from the way things have gone, they won’t even put that in. No JB, Eric’s a bad guy, Sam’s so wishy-washy (no big kiss in this last season like in the book) … looks like they’re making it out so Bill’s her one true, white knight – the only one that’s ever loved her. ::sigh::

Speaking of Alcide, what actor do you want to see play him? I think the guy who played Stan, Ed Quinn, would have been good. He’s probably too old now, but I just had a flash back of Joe Lando (check him out) in Dr. Quinn. He’d had been amazing then I think lol Anyone else think instead of the crazy, annoying maenad that Michelle Forbes would have made an excellent Claudine? I don't know, I look at her and definitely see that character. And we all know who I want to see as Debbie Pelt. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm not sure what's worse

I'm not sure what's sadder: when my dad seems to have no clue what's going on with him ... or, like this afternoon, when he talks about dying and doesn't have the section of his brain left to emotionally react to it.

Stops my breath and breaks my heart :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I thought it was bad enough that Vick had to play for my team and ruin football for me, but seriously?! That a$s has to now live in my state too?! And near where I grew up?!!! He better not come into my bar too damn it ::grumble:: ::grumble:: ::grumble::

I'm so upset over this crap. I wish I had his address (and the guts) to go and egg his freakin house.

*EDIT* Oh, a comment that was added later by some guy I went to high school:
high school boy: yeah throw chicken abortions at the dog fighters house... gotta love the hypocricy (yes, that's spelled wrong. When trying to be a tough guy/jack ass, at least please check your grammar & spelling first, please)
me: uh, they're not fertilized eggs, asshole - this vegetarian isn't down with that. I don't have a rooster.

Monday, September 14, 2009

FTD and bottomless-belly

It's so gorgeous out and I can't enjoy it cause it is a "guard the kitchen" kind of day with my dad. Argh. I hate this.

There are times when he just eats and eats and eats - he'll constantly be in and out of the kitchen like we're millionaire's and can afford his bottomless-feeling stomach. And he's lying now about eating or not. Like, I know he's had 3 meals today ... and that's because I caught him or saw him cleaning the dishes (you know, so we don't know how much he's actually - he's cleaning up after himself!)

I hate this. I want my dad back...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

post True Blood Finale - ::sigh::

So, here's the breakdown of my tweets while watching the season 2 finale of True Blood and I’ve put these tweets in this lovely firebrick tone color with comments and such, of course, added beneath them. I needed to process some things, so don't mind some initial reactions with my tweets from while I was still watching and just taking this all in. What a finale!

if you really need an explanation: the show was just about to start lol

trip that bitch and break the egg
I’m sorry, but seriously, that egg was gross. This was from the beginning of the show, obviously, when Tara was so carefully picking up the egg and Lafayette was getting a lil demanding with Sookie.

::sigh:: RT @SookieBonTemps: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
Too funny not to add … even though it's a RT (retweet) of someone else's – Sookie (@SookieBonTemps – I’m @TheraHuni by the way in case you want to follow me)

"I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?"
A lot of people seem to be crazy about this quote from tonight! Understandable, I think, since it ties into the initial convo with Bill and Sookie (What are you?) and others since then (like Maryann to Sookie after the glowy hands bit), but it doesn’t get my vote for best quote last night for two main reasons. 1) We all know what Maryann is (the maenad idea was pretty much confirmed before Bill left) ... and 2) for the dedicated Sookie Stackhouse book series fans, that Sookie isn't a fan of cursing. She does curse, but that wasn't the type of situation I saw where she would drop down to that level and curse, I felt. I don’t know, that line just felt like they were trying too hard.

Hmmm, something watching over Sookie, huh?
Is Maryann's comment a hint that Bill is watching her all the time? That even Eric or the queen has someone out there creeping in her woods keeping an eye on here? Or, back to the books, a foreshadowing to book Sookie's family history?? What do you think?

Hadley: He is?
Hadley's surprised reaction to hearing Bill's really in love with Sookie seemed to be missed by a lot initially last night. I didn't miss it!

She sounded genuinely surprised … and the queen is well aware of the effects of Sookie’s blood, which to me makes me assume Hadley does as well. So, for the queen to feel the need to ask and for Hadley to be surprised makes me think there’s something there – like another hint there’s something going on there and that Bill may be crossing the lines of business and pleasure.

Also, on a different, but somewhat related topic – I’m starting to think Eric’s feelings (though still confusing him) are more genuine for Sookie than Bill’s … and, this is not because I’m definitely more team Eric (what can I say, I’ve been tainted by the books – I love him in there). I think this because Sookie had Bill’s blood like right away (necessary or not because of the attack on her). Even if there was a spark there at first between them, him giving her his blood just further attracted her to him … and without her even knowing it since she knew nothing of vampires then, let alone blood bonds yet. Then, Bill and Sookie slept together and he had her blood, which according to the queen can snag a vamp hook, line, sinker ( Queen: “Have you tasted her?” ~ Eric: “Sadly, no.” ~ Queen: “Don't. Ever. One vampire falling in love is enough.”). Eric hasn’t had Sookie’s blood yet and even before she had his, there was something there with him for her (fascination? interest? chemistry? actual feelings which for a 1000 year old vampire would definitely be hard to remember, let alone admit?) and it’s gone past the whole initial attraction that bloomed between Bill & Sookie and was quickly tainted with the blood exchange. Just saying… :)

Ahh, sophie-anne does know about the V and she's in charge - Thank goodness, Sophie-Anne had something to work with and saying that stuff she said to Bill before was BS totally helped dig her out of that idiot hole she seemed to be burying herself in last week.
Can't say much more than I already did. Thank goodness she had so much more to work with this week. Sophie-Anne is a character with such depth potential both because of her years and because of her status. I would have hated for her to remain the pretty shallow, wifty character she seemed to be in Frenzy.

Not to mention, Sophie-Anne is in charge of the vampire blood that Eric is making Lafayette sell (is it hers? Did anyone else get that feeling from the way she phrased it?), which means Bill’s supposed blackmail over Eric is out the window (in Frenzy, Bill threatened to tell the queen). And for a second, we all might have been thinking he actually had leverage to keep Eric away from Sookie. Too bad lol

singing to a sausage - nice lol
Oh possessed Bud...

oop There goes Andy ... Jason too. What?!
I was disappointed the crusade ended so quickly. Not a shot fired from either side because I was a little nervous with those big guns after how trigger happy Terry was last time there was a gun around him ... someone got shot and everyone started laughing and cheering. Craziness! And Jason getting turned (in general, let alone so quickly) - WTF? That makes no sense since Sookie can't be, right? Not to mention, where was Maryann? I know she got like the whole town, but every time we actually saw someone turned in an episode, wasn’t she there??? The parties, the bar (when she came into eat and when she came back looking for Sam), Tara being re-possessed, Lafayette outside her home, etc.

"you're the maid of honor. You have to lick the egg" LOL what?! And I guess Lafayette is a bridesmaid too?
Um, ew!!! … ew to the bloody egg-licking going on and being forced on Sookie ... not to Lafayette in a dress lol

Bullsh*t - that's what RT @37ft2in: RT @emokidsloveme: Why is it that Maryanne can get at Jason but not Sookie. What is that? #TrueBlood
A RT of one of my Trubie friends. Apparently I wasn't the only one questioning that!

Supes heal super, super fast right ... what's a gut cut??? Oh god, poor Sam. I don't wanna see this
This was right before Eggs stabbed Sam. I literally had this up on Twitter as he was stabbing Sam. Awful. I didn't want to watch.

nice, Sam, nice!!! And a black beating heart

I have to admit, I saw Maryann dying this episode (I think we all did, right?) and after the conversation between Sophie-Anne and Bill about "the god that never comes" and the maenad being the most vulnerable then, wanting death from her god, I knew it was a shape shifter immediately ... took me a few moments to catch on to the fact it was Sam though after that horrible stabbing. What a hero! I mean, Same offers to get himself sacrificed (trade himself for Sookie), wants her away from there when he dies (so Sookie's safe, pride factors in with this too of course and the fact he cares about her enough that he doesn't have to watch) and then Sam drinks vamp blood to heal up really fast, he SHIFTs and goes to kill the crazy lady that's taken over the town. Whoa! I mean, come on, that man deserves a medal or some sweet, sweet loving in appreciation lol

I love the way Maryann died too, honestly. It was a wonderful wrap up of the craziness that I didn't really see coming. I saw her dying, yes. I suspected shifter, true. But all the factors that lead to her death were a surprise to me. The Bill/Sam combo (vamp/supe AND two Sookie admirers together), Bill giving Sam blood so he heals even faster (though Supes/Weres normally do and try to avoid the vamps/vamp blood), Sam turning into a bull, pulling out her black heart & smooshing it … and the fact it was all done within a matter of like 15-20 minutes of the episode starting. People were so over the Maryann plot path that I think this wrap up so quick (time wise and early into the show too) was perfect! ::thumbs up:: for sure

well, there goes Gran's wedding dress...
All that black goo, big hole in the middle and the shrunken goddess/maenad all dried-fruit- like in it. Ick. Awful. Another Gran memory tarnished (like the house) and straight up ruined.

ooh, poor Hoyt. Nice try...
He tried to make things right with his mom: reaffirming to her how he left Jess for her, not mentioning the ways in which she "provoked" Jessica (and everyone crazy mama dukes) and then sliding in the comment she made about his dad's death in the hopes she’d take it back. Poor, poor Hoyt ... it's so impossibly painful to realize you've given your life up for someone else’s … and to have given it up for a lie from the person you’ve been breaking yourself in half for. Ugh, awful…

"You might have your faults, Andy ... but at least you've got pants on" LOL

"It's like if a tree falls in the woods, it's still a tree" LOL I <3 Jason
This and the above, my goodness there were some ridiculously good/funny quotes tonight! Dear Charlaine Harris, where can I find such characters? I'm sure you based some of them on people you know and I need some more laughing in my life right now :)

Ahhh, the daddy-ness of Bill to Jess - bit weird

Is Sam lookin for his family?
Aww, this could be interesting… Especially since in the books he has a family that he loves and it was more that the Were community seeks Sam out after finding out about him from Sookie when she has a (good) run in with another Were in Dallas.

something, SOMETHING has to be coming
Friends online were all terribly concerned with the time ticking down and nothing but story lines from all summer being wrapped up - no cliffhangers, no crazy drama or action.

whoa Jess, whoa ... truck stop and random feeding?!
Jessica going off the deep end was ridiculous - especially after she was being so sweet with Bill about going out and being all cute and couple-y (about Bill/Sookie and herself/Hoyt). The truck stop totally threw me off and what was going on inside that one truck (while poor Hoyt was knocking on her door with flowers)!! It was kinda awesome too. Awesome in the well-thought-out way. I mean, she's been dying to feed, she got all dressed up and picked up some stranger at a truck stop (a stranger who doesn't know she's a vampire OR the re-growing of her virgin-ness factor).

Is she going to love the kill? We know Eric let her feed on some guy, but that was a willing fangbanger. Is she going to start killing more? Get caught? By who - cops tracking a “serial killer” or the vamps pissed about the bad PR? How is Hoyt going to feel about all this? Disgusted and be done with her or is he going to feel guilty like he had a part in it? What happens with her now that Bill's been kidnapped? When he's back, will he get in trouble for her recklessness or excused since, although he saw her leave, he was probably getting kidnapped at the time? I know there are some concerns though from fans and understandably - Godric giving himself up to the Fellowship of the Sun crazies and the potential danger that held was enough for him , a powerful, ancient vampire, to lose his position in the vamp hierarchy. I can't imagine what this killing will hold for poor, little, baby vamp Jessica.

WHOA, Jason!!!!!!
I had mixed feelings about Jason killing Eggs. I mean, absolutely, Jason was a hero – anyone walking into that situation would have thought Eggs was about the murder Andy (though we can't deny Jason's been so damn trigger happy too). That plot twist also gave us Jason quickly defending Andy, who's been so hard on him for so long, which was great to see as well and the situation being the way it was gave Andy the opportunity to man up, make Jason go away and clean off the prints on the gun. I did like that! The two rivals seem to have come full circle after this whole maenad situation that forced them together and they're not just sitting together at the bar afterward - they've got each others’ backs, they saved each others’ lives and that's a memory not stolen from them by the possession of Maryann like everything earlier in the episode for them.

I could have seen Andy killing Eggs with how crazy he was acting or Bud killing Eggs (walking out and attempting to redeem himself after whatever he thinks he did while "blacked out") ... or perhaps Tara walking out, seeing Eggs over Andy like that, remembering what she remembers from the black outs and bashing Eggs over the head or pushing him away from Andy only to have Eggs fall on the knife or something. I'm glad, I am glad I didn't see what the plot twist was going to be with Egg's expected death in the finale, but Jason? If you know the books, Jason has enough ahead of him to deal with without some possible HUGE debt to Andy - who up until now has been a douche bag alcoholic.

poor Tara. This is not the way they should have been separated...
I'm sorry, but I don't see how she's not going to see this as something wonderful stolen away from her. Dying like that... Honestly, I'm not sure how I would have done it, but not that way. Maybe he could have gone crazy with remorse (started drinking?) and she couldn't deal with him? Or he became so ashamed and run off? I don't know... That shot to the head though was just so tragic for her though and she's dealt with so much already herself.

WHAT?! oh jeez. This is crap. Is she dreaming?! Is he just trying to gain control forever??
This was the French restaurant scene, by the way, and I think I was right on the money with that last part. Someone made the comment last night (online or otherwise) that they were really impressed with the way Bill had the opportunity and planned everything out - got the theories from the queen, came up with a plan, worked alongside Sam, saved Sookie and was essentially the mastermind (though definitely not the sole hero) behind bringing down Maryann. Absolutely impressive!

However, I'm thinking the French restaurant was another planned situation. I think he saw himself as one of the heroes, his love for Sookie was confirmed by Sophie-Anne and Eric earlier in the night and that was absolutely a factor in the proposal. I’m not completely blowing off the concept that he genuinely loves her. However, there's just a few things I think might have hinted at more than just love to inspire the proposal.
- I'm thinking of Bill's suggestion that Hadley stay away from Gran. Death to vampires is nothing new, so I don't think he was protecting her feelings. I think he was trying to prolong the contact between Sookie and her cousin Hadley who is so close to the queen.
- I’m thinking Bill, if there is something going on, might feel the need to prove himself to the queen after she seemed to look down on the idea of him being so whipped (only feeding on Sookie) and solidify his possession of and power over Sookie, especially now that Eric has a blood bond with her too. What better way than marriage?
- I’m thinking that Eric’s not only caught on, but pretty much gotten Bill to admit he bound Sookie to him as soon as possible with the blood bond. We saw how grossed out Sookie was that Eric did that after all their time together … imagine if she knew Bill did that to her right away and on purpose. Sure, she was attacked and dying, but why was she attacked? Oh, that’s right! Because she saved Bill from the town scuzzballs and apparent drainers.
- I’m also factoring in, though it may have been minor, the moment that Sookie and Sam had. Bill needs to act on this “I’m a hero” bit now before she remembers he’s also a monster too and goes running off with someone like Sam.

This is awful. This is awful. This proposal is ridiculous
Poor Sookie. I’m glad she didn’t jump to her yes. Her life is too crazy right now. And what about what the future holds? What about when she gets old (I’m glad she brought that up, perhaps it was Hugo that poked that idea into her?)? What about never having her own children? Having absolutely NO normalcy in her life? She's already felt like such an outsider herself her whole life anyway - let alone to go and run off to another state to vow herself to a vampire for the rest of her life! These things have been so important and valued by Sookie. The proposal, aside from my initial hatred of it, was just too much, I think.

WHOA. Silver. She's gonna come back and he'll be gone
What did I say? (http://jenwsjournal.blogspot.com/2009/09/true-blood-finale-of-season-2.html) “I see Bill vanishing at the end… ” Ok, ok, maybe it was predictable, but still. Yay!!!

And who is the kidnapper? Why didn’t he sense someone coming? A human wouldn’t be strong enough, even with silver around the throat. A were he would have smelled coming, for sure ( or at least according to the book where the vamps always make comments about how bad they smell). Another vampire perhaps? Lots of people are concerned it’s the obvious – Eric. After his conversation with the queen, this was an easy conclusion to jump to. Others thought maybe it was Lorena! Lover scorned! But the question everyone is asking there is that isn’t Bill supposed to be able to sense Lorena? Then again, he was so wrapped up with (in?) Sookie at the hotel in Dallas that he doesn't know she was right outside the door, you know? Or even in the hotel until she just shows up at the door. And he certainly wasn’t right at Sookie’s side when Lorena was wandering through Godric’s party and approach sookie. So, maybe there is some serious potential it’s her (or someone she hired?).

Taken?! Geez. I thought there was potential here in she would think he just left ... but no AWFUL
I know he was kidnapped, but they could have cleaned up the place a bit to make it look like he just up and left when she didn’t say yes right away. And she could think on that (like in the beginning of Club Dead when she’s worrying over his lack of attention) … but no, everything was all disheveled and he was gone – very obviously taken by force. Boo. Now she’s going to worrying about him rather than their relationship.

Unless #EricNorthman is naked the entire first episode of Season 3, I'm considering being done with this show
I’m team Eric, but I’m not that crazy to hate the show over that lol I don't care if Eric wasn't seen enough... or even that he wasn’t naked, I'll just be so over the show if it goes SOOO far off from the books/Eric's character that he was the one that took Bill at the end. Alexander Skarsgard felt the need to defend Eric a lot last year when people kept referring to him as the “bad guy” and the villan … and he was excited we’d see more of his depth and layers this season. I’ll be so pissed if Season 3 is him having to defend his character again. High handed? Yes. Manipulative? Yes. Concerned about #1 (himself) above all else at first? Yup. But kidnapping Bill to get to Sookie? For the queen? No, no, no. He’s smart enough to know that would be one step forward and 85 steps back. Not to mention, Eric kidnapping Bill is just too easy to figure out. I look forward to what the writers have in mind with this … so long, again, as it’s not Eric. Have I emphasized that enough yet??? :)

Not sure what was worse, the random craziness of Frenzy or the BORINGNESS of that so called finale
Ok, my guy reaction last night was not very nice to say the least. I GREATLY apologize. After some of the cliffhangers these season and the craziness of Frenzy, I think the finale was what it should be:
- It was a wonderful conclusion to a lot of plot twists this season, wrapped things up: Maryann gone, Eggs dead and confirming some of the random bonds that formed such as Terry/Arlene and Andy/Jason.
- Questions from this season leading into the next like the queen making Eric make Lafayette sell V (and will Andy really stop drinking??? lol)
- And new questions regarding the proposal, the kidnapping, Sam’s new family, etc.

all the theories bein thrown around n the BOOKS - we have the material to have come up with a better show/cliffhanger @37ft2in @KMRosebrock
We didn’t though and so long as they don’t completely alter characters*, I’m excited to see where the writers take the show from here and what bits of Club Dead they incorporate into next Season. Can it be June already??

* - I understand some characters needed to be built upon and expanded from the books for the show, but SOME are quite developed in the books ::cough, cough, Eric, cough:: and I hope you don’t change them so much we barely recognize them. You don’t always need a good guy and a bad guy, you can just have flawed characters. And one girl doesn’t need just one hero … sometimes a girl needs a different “hero” for different difficulties in her life. Your first love (and lover) isn’t always your only one or even the right one.

Also, I hit tweet # 2,000 tonight post all the True Blood finale craziness - WHOA! And what was this pivotal tweet of mine??? "vodka, books and bed. G'night all." LOL Wow, I'm classy.

pre True Blood Finale of Season 2 theories

**Caution: There are book spoilers below in this post as I discuss the show and where I think it might be going based on some of the things in the books...

The True Blood Finale of Season 2 is tonight. Ah!! I can't believe it. How did it all go by so quickly?!

First off, this has been on my mind (like I've been dreaming of it), so let me say it now: I don't know about anyone else, but I would be beyond excited if Shannyn portrayed Debbie Pelt in Season 3 of True Blood.

I can't really explain it, the girl just does something for me. And I think she would be an awesome Debbie Pelt. She's definitely the type of figure that comes to mind when I think of her. Plus, Shannyn's already been a vampire (Coraline in the short lived, but much loved Moonlight), so why not a were now? :) Anyone else have suggestions for Debbie Pelt of other characters potentially coming up from Club Dead????

I think before tonight, everyone should definitely take a look at this: Simba's Because Clip Shows Suck, Part I (*note: that last image of Eric and Sookie does things to me I believe only romance novels describe accurately lol)

As for tonight, here's what I'm thinking/feeling about the various plots and characters.

I really hope Maryann is done with. I love her actress, but I am so over this plot line of the show. I'm hoping Eric finally gets to play the good guy and get rid of her (I'm so sick of Bill jumping in on that: staking Longshadow, bursting into the church after Eric tried to save Sookie only to almost get sacrificed, etc). Or maybe Pam. I'd love to see more of Pam before the season is over. I know it's supposed to be a group effort and only that makes sense since nothing else has worked until now, but there's got to be a person in charge or main element to Maryann's demise and I'm hoping it's one of them. Maybe the residents of Hotshot are going to come into play too? Hmm. I also just don't see how the unaffected people are going to ever be able to live with everything that has gone on after this. At least in the books its more of a secret society and the icky people meet an untimely end. And poor Gran/Sookie's house has been so awfully violated...

Though Lafayette was in an awful state (so scared still) when Maryann snuck up on him and Tara took some extra effort (back hand) to be re-corrupted, I want to know why Andy hasn't been. I mean, you could argue the vamps, of course, and Sookie & Jason if you read the books and I guess Sam too since he's a shapeshifer (though even Daphne, the shape-shifter, got all saucer-eyed) ... but what's the deal with Andy? More alcohol than blood in the body doesn't make sense since the Maenad is supposed to be all about the alcoholics and their crazy antics.

I really hope Sophie Anne gets better because the episodes that her actress has had time in have either been: shitty acting or dialogue with no good way to portray them to the audience ... or both? I don't know. I haven't been impressed with her. I always saw her as really chic and powerful - not all up tight and flaky (Yahtzee, really?!) Oh, also, check out the link to "True Blood' Conspiracy Theory" below.

I know, Tara is finally in a relationship (I guess you can call it that?), has someone she thinks she loves and can depend on, but other people who haven't been possessed for who knows how long and have beaten her "under the influence" love her too like Sookie and Lafayette. I think she needs to ditch Eggs and there giant egg/nest and get on with the vamp sugar daddy phase like in the books. I'm over Eggs. His hotness cannot make up for the lameness of his character overall.

I see Bill vanishing at the end, I think. Something to do with getting rid of Maryann, whatever Sophie Anne means about Eric keeping Bill in control or in relation to Bill's long-ago, now scorned lover Lorena perhaps? Ooh, or maybe Sookie gets pissed about Bill forcing Sam to Maryann (like the end of Frenzy seemed to be implying) and tells him to leave? Yea, lol, that could be interesting. Though, I think all my theories just proves that, like I said, I'm not sure of the details of why. I still see the potential of Bill vanishing and that being part of the cliffhanger ... though, again, like the books, it might be better if he's distant to begin with so all of Sookie's questioning of their relationship makes more sense (instead of like that last theory cause then she has no one to blame but herself for making him leave).

Ahh, the more I think about it, the more I think tonight's episode is just going to piss me off. Examples:

- If Eric makes Bill leave for some reason (there's a bit in the preview where he promises to Sophie-Anne to keep Bill in line), then he looks like a bad guy again to Sookie
- Eggs not dying ... though I'll be disappointed in anything that doesn't lead to the vamp sugar daddy phases for Tara because, I'm sorry, I loved that part of her character - being spoiled and the way some vampires still treat humans, passing them around, etc
- The giant egg. Any way that goes I don't see being impressed lol Sorry, but true.
- If something happens to Lafayette. I know he's already outlived his expiration in the books, but I LOVE him on the show
- The fact Sookie, Jason and Andy have to live with those freaks (and clean up after them) from here on out even though they get to forget everything if the way the possession up until this point keeps working (it's just lost time to them)

That's all the thinking I can do right now. I'm getting too excited too early lol. I've got a little less than 5 hours to go! That, and I've got a kitten way too interested in running across the keyboard right now for me to accomplish much else :)

Some sites and articles I've really enjoyed the last few days. Sadly, I had a whole list of open windows and my computer crashed. I lost them all, damn it. So here are the ones I found after I gave my internet a stern talking to...

Fangoria: TRUE BLOOD - Bites from the Cast: "So, to be a fan of a show like this and then to get to work on it, to get to show fangs and get to run around at vamp speed, is pretty cool.” (Ed Quinn AKA "Stan") - I really enjoyed this one for all the different bits and interviews with various actors on the show

'True Blood' Conspiracy Theory - I commented on this one "I agree with you and our fellow watchers. I think a set up is definitely in the works. Ex: when Bill says he's only feeding from Sookie and SA rolls her eyes is it disgust that he's so committed to Sookie/mainstreaming or mixing business and pleasure?? ...

However, I'll also add that "Frenzy" as a whole felt like a mess to me. It was a 'frenzy' of information - creating questions (like the SA/Bill/Sookie situation) and giving answers (Tara summoning Maryann, Andy & Jason's conversations about the differences and similarities of their lives, Eric calling Bill out on giving Sookie blood almost as soon as he met her, etc). It was terribly overwhelming - too much so to try to piece all the possible conspiracies together, I think."

Charlaine Harris Speaks At Dragon*Con 2009 - Always fun to get to know the author of the books the show is based on. Ok, maybe I'm biased. I love the Sookie Stackhouse book series. Cannot wait for May 2010 and the new book! :)

True Blood’s Sam Trammell Talks Shape-Shifting Nude Scenes: "Towards the end of the first season, I definitely started getting recognized a little bit here and there … but this season it’s every single day and it’s really cool. People are just really passionate. They’re like, “I love the show,” or “I love your character.” It feels so good." - another reason the show rocks, the kick ass actors and how wonderful they are about/towards the fans.

"Don't you like vampires, little girl?": Mysterious Ways: The Nature of Good and Evil on "True Blood"

**SPOILERS**: If you want them, come and get them: True Blood Season 3 Spoilers from Alan Ball

I'd like to thank Twitter for introducing me to a countless number of other great Trubies. Thanks for making it so much more entertaining Sunday nights. I'll truly miss you all being so active Sunday nights. I vote we try to keep up the activities suggesting ways to spend our time now that this season is at an end. Also, Twitter needs another shout out for the introduction of all the other Eric fanatics and the great links & info on the fabulous actor that plays him, Alexander Skarsgard. Thank you!! :)

On a different note: 1st day on the ice YAY!!!! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


On my private journal. Feel free to email me if you want access.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Today was one of the first days I have not liked the results of living on a farm.

As I've mentioned before, we've got lots and LOTS of chickens right now - an absolutely ridiculous amount of chickens. In no way am I denying that! But my mom posted them on craigslist and some guy came to get them this afternoon and I just didn't like him.

For starters, he brought those teeny tiny chicken crates - you know, kinda like this. Four of those little things for his intended 40 chickens. He said he just bought his daughter a new farm and she wanted chickens, so he'd like to take all 40 chickens my mom mentioned. I'm sorry, but no way does someone want 40 freakin feral chickens!!!

On top of that, when he came to get the ones we had caught during the day, he just reached in and grabbed the chickens by their wings, by their legs ... by whatever and then he'd shove them into that little chicken crate/cage thing. It was awful. Ugh.

Thankfully, we'd only caught 17 when he got here and he took them, but I feel super bad for whereever those 17 went. I'm trying not to think about it...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

I'm beginning to think that Tuesdays are just not good days for me. I'm not quite sure why as they're not awfully long days with my dad ... but I spent a great deal of today crying and it's not the first Tuesday where I've found myself in a funk.

I finished The Notebook today ... so good and I knew how sad it was. I knew. Ugh, but the loss of his love, the fact she didn't want to be taken - it just got to me. It just squeezed my whole heart and made me dread what's to come with my dad. Alzheimer's and FTD, very different ... but still very much the same thing too with certain aspects.

Aside from that, some songs came on my iPod that remind me of things and the book I finally decided to cave in on and buy wasn't at the store when I went. In fact, neither was the other random book I'd read about online and wanted to read. That upset me as well. Oh well, it kind of made me think that maybe instead of reading about characters I can't get enough of that maybe I should make up some of my own and write more than I'm reading now.

We'll see. I keep saying that.