Sunday, September 13, 2009

pre True Blood Finale of Season 2 theories

**Caution: There are book spoilers below in this post as I discuss the show and where I think it might be going based on some of the things in the books...

The True Blood Finale of Season 2 is tonight. Ah!! I can't believe it. How did it all go by so quickly?!

First off, this has been on my mind (like I've been dreaming of it), so let me say it now: I don't know about anyone else, but I would be beyond excited if Shannyn portrayed Debbie Pelt in Season 3 of True Blood.

I can't really explain it, the girl just does something for me. And I think she would be an awesome Debbie Pelt. She's definitely the type of figure that comes to mind when I think of her. Plus, Shannyn's already been a vampire (Coraline in the short lived, but much loved Moonlight), so why not a were now? :) Anyone else have suggestions for Debbie Pelt of other characters potentially coming up from Club Dead????

I think before tonight, everyone should definitely take a look at this: Simba's Because Clip Shows Suck, Part I (*note: that last image of Eric and Sookie does things to me I believe only romance novels describe accurately lol)

As for tonight, here's what I'm thinking/feeling about the various plots and characters.

I really hope Maryann is done with. I love her actress, but I am so over this plot line of the show. I'm hoping Eric finally gets to play the good guy and get rid of her (I'm so sick of Bill jumping in on that: staking Longshadow, bursting into the church after Eric tried to save Sookie only to almost get sacrificed, etc). Or maybe Pam. I'd love to see more of Pam before the season is over. I know it's supposed to be a group effort and only that makes sense since nothing else has worked until now, but there's got to be a person in charge or main element to Maryann's demise and I'm hoping it's one of them. Maybe the residents of Hotshot are going to come into play too? Hmm. I also just don't see how the unaffected people are going to ever be able to live with everything that has gone on after this. At least in the books its more of a secret society and the icky people meet an untimely end. And poor Gran/Sookie's house has been so awfully violated...

Though Lafayette was in an awful state (so scared still) when Maryann snuck up on him and Tara took some extra effort (back hand) to be re-corrupted, I want to know why Andy hasn't been. I mean, you could argue the vamps, of course, and Sookie & Jason if you read the books and I guess Sam too since he's a shapeshifer (though even Daphne, the shape-shifter, got all saucer-eyed) ... but what's the deal with Andy? More alcohol than blood in the body doesn't make sense since the Maenad is supposed to be all about the alcoholics and their crazy antics.

I really hope Sophie Anne gets better because the episodes that her actress has had time in have either been: shitty acting or dialogue with no good way to portray them to the audience ... or both? I don't know. I haven't been impressed with her. I always saw her as really chic and powerful - not all up tight and flaky (Yahtzee, really?!) Oh, also, check out the link to "True Blood' Conspiracy Theory" below.

I know, Tara is finally in a relationship (I guess you can call it that?), has someone she thinks she loves and can depend on, but other people who haven't been possessed for who knows how long and have beaten her "under the influence" love her too like Sookie and Lafayette. I think she needs to ditch Eggs and there giant egg/nest and get on with the vamp sugar daddy phase like in the books. I'm over Eggs. His hotness cannot make up for the lameness of his character overall.

I see Bill vanishing at the end, I think. Something to do with getting rid of Maryann, whatever Sophie Anne means about Eric keeping Bill in control or in relation to Bill's long-ago, now scorned lover Lorena perhaps? Ooh, or maybe Sookie gets pissed about Bill forcing Sam to Maryann (like the end of Frenzy seemed to be implying) and tells him to leave? Yea, lol, that could be interesting. Though, I think all my theories just proves that, like I said, I'm not sure of the details of why. I still see the potential of Bill vanishing and that being part of the cliffhanger ... though, again, like the books, it might be better if he's distant to begin with so all of Sookie's questioning of their relationship makes more sense (instead of like that last theory cause then she has no one to blame but herself for making him leave).

Ahh, the more I think about it, the more I think tonight's episode is just going to piss me off. Examples:

- If Eric makes Bill leave for some reason (there's a bit in the preview where he promises to Sophie-Anne to keep Bill in line), then he looks like a bad guy again to Sookie
- Eggs not dying ... though I'll be disappointed in anything that doesn't lead to the vamp sugar daddy phases for Tara because, I'm sorry, I loved that part of her character - being spoiled and the way some vampires still treat humans, passing them around, etc
- The giant egg. Any way that goes I don't see being impressed lol Sorry, but true.
- If something happens to Lafayette. I know he's already outlived his expiration in the books, but I LOVE him on the show
- The fact Sookie, Jason and Andy have to live with those freaks (and clean up after them) from here on out even though they get to forget everything if the way the possession up until this point keeps working (it's just lost time to them)

That's all the thinking I can do right now. I'm getting too excited too early lol. I've got a little less than 5 hours to go! That, and I've got a kitten way too interested in running across the keyboard right now for me to accomplish much else :)

Some sites and articles I've really enjoyed the last few days. Sadly, I had a whole list of open windows and my computer crashed. I lost them all, damn it. So here are the ones I found after I gave my internet a stern talking to...

Fangoria: TRUE BLOOD - Bites from the Cast: "So, to be a fan of a show like this and then to get to work on it, to get to show fangs and get to run around at vamp speed, is pretty cool.” (Ed Quinn AKA "Stan") - I really enjoyed this one for all the different bits and interviews with various actors on the show

'True Blood' Conspiracy Theory - I commented on this one "I agree with you and our fellow watchers. I think a set up is definitely in the works. Ex: when Bill says he's only feeding from Sookie and SA rolls her eyes is it disgust that he's so committed to Sookie/mainstreaming or mixing business and pleasure?? ...

However, I'll also add that "Frenzy" as a whole felt like a mess to me. It was a 'frenzy' of information - creating questions (like the SA/Bill/Sookie situation) and giving answers (Tara summoning Maryann, Andy & Jason's conversations about the differences and similarities of their lives, Eric calling Bill out on giving Sookie blood almost as soon as he met her, etc). It was terribly overwhelming - too much so to try to piece all the possible conspiracies together, I think."

Charlaine Harris Speaks At Dragon*Con 2009 - Always fun to get to know the author of the books the show is based on. Ok, maybe I'm biased. I love the Sookie Stackhouse book series. Cannot wait for May 2010 and the new book! :)

True Blood’s Sam Trammell Talks Shape-Shifting Nude Scenes: "Towards the end of the first season, I definitely started getting recognized a little bit here and there … but this season it’s every single day and it’s really cool. People are just really passionate. They’re like, “I love the show,” or “I love your character.” It feels so good." - another reason the show rocks, the kick ass actors and how wonderful they are about/towards the fans.

"Don't you like vampires, little girl?": Mysterious Ways: The Nature of Good and Evil on "True Blood"

**SPOILERS**: If you want them, come and get them: True Blood Season 3 Spoilers from Alan Ball

I'd like to thank Twitter for introducing me to a countless number of other great Trubies. Thanks for making it so much more entertaining Sunday nights. I'll truly miss you all being so active Sunday nights. I vote we try to keep up the activities suggesting ways to spend our time now that this season is at an end. Also, Twitter needs another shout out for the introduction of all the other Eric fanatics and the great links & info on the fabulous actor that plays him, Alexander Skarsgard. Thank you!! :)

On a different note: 1st day on the ice YAY!!!! :)