Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I thought it was bad enough that Vick had to play for my team and ruin football for me, but seriously?! That a$s has to now live in my state too?! And near where I grew up?!!! He better not come into my bar too damn it ::grumble:: ::grumble:: ::grumble::

I'm so upset over this crap. I wish I had his address (and the guts) to go and egg his freakin house.

*EDIT* Oh, a comment that was added later by some guy I went to high school:
high school boy: yeah throw chicken abortions at the dog fighters house... gotta love the hypocricy (yes, that's spelled wrong. When trying to be a tough guy/jack ass, at least please check your grammar & spelling first, please)
me: uh, they're not fertilized eggs, asshole - this vegetarian isn't down with that. I don't have a rooster.