Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Earlier today my mom was telling me how she was up all night thinking and "writing" in her head about all the things she had with my dad and before - a good partner, more money, comfort, lots of friends, etc. And then how now it's more stress, worrying and working, working, working to barely be able to pay for things, a lot of which involves his condition.

Ok, you probably need to know the show to know this character, but Joe was such an amazing, amazing person/husband/dad character and there are some very predominant good characteristics I see in both Joe and my dad.

Just now I found this clip which I think kind of embodies the raw emotion my mom (and I think we all) feel(s)...

Then again, maybe I'm just stretching things here and trying to find a reason to post his because I love Medium's Joe.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

FTD Friday

An interesting open discussion on "How Can Communities Prevent Caregiver Burn-Out?": link here

RIP Weenie

This was the first time I met Weenie (AKA Halloween) and as I'm sure you can see she was a silly girl that just wanted to be with you - where ever that was. This picture was almost two years ago now...

After that, Weenie went to a super awesome foster home in the hopes of being adopted from there. Her foster mom was nice enough to take her to get her shots updates and had her combo tested. It was then that we found out Ween was FIV+, which is no death sentence, but her foster mom could not keep her as she already had an older, immune-compromised older kitty. So, that's when Weenie came to the farm.

For awhile the girl lived on the enclosed front porch, but she was always running out the door with you. Then, Weenie was staying outside with us while we were out. Finally, I think she was just out all the time with the front porch door left open.

The two times I've been down to the farm so far this week, we joked how she's always under foot - literally, she got stepped on sometimes!! We were in the garden, she was in the garden. Down by the lake, so was she. You had to go to the barn, she'd show up. My mom even said she's found Weenie inside her cold frame! She was always, always with you ... unless she found a really good place to sleep.

Yesterday, my mom found Weenie in the front yard and she was gone :(

Although she probably would have lived longer inside and I'll never know what took her, she was definitely happy out there. When my dad used to go out and sit by the lake, she'd sit with him and he'd pet her, which he's not very good at anymore (he's rough like a little kid would be), but she didn't mind. My sister was also telling me how when Luna was lost and the times she and her friend Rachel went deep into the woods looking for Luna, there was Weenie right by them. They'd yell "Luuuuna" and Weenie would make her funny little meow! Even yesterday, my mom kept thinking she saw Ween out of the corner of her eye walking over to her while she was working in the garden.

Oh my god, I'm going to miss her...

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