Saturday, November 24, 2007

What do they say about when something seems too good to be true?

... ahh, yes - it probably is!

Jack's back. Things got a little shaky for a moment and he came back to me after being adopted out. Better now than later after he got attached, but still ... I'm disappointed since things seemed to be falling into place for him with finding such a good home.

Apparently not though.

After explaining his fear of new men and making the plan to bring him home after the holiday when it would be quieter (due to the fact his new family was having all their family over for the holiday), Jack's new parents apparently invited a bunch of people over within like 24 hours of bringing Jack into their home - he growled at a male in-law that stood up by him quickly and that was it - they wanted Jack out!

I told them he was beaten - it's evident by his destroyed eye and yet I guess they weren't understanding enough to work through it, to correct it and show Jack they aren't the people who did that to him. I tried to talk to them, get the story, see what could be done, but they just weren't understanding of what had happened and my gut feeling was: get him out! I mean, they invited a bunch of strangers over before Jack even got to know or trust them and the new house. That's just not smart at all even if you know the dog - let a lone a brand new one with a history like Jack! Poor Jack...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Cancer sucks

It took my aunt, it's taken my dogs and now my rescue friend's cancer is back and it seems to be very advanced. It's affecting her eyes now and she's waiting for a bed in ICU at the hospital to get on a medication she reacts very dangerously to, but it's killed her cancer before. She's tried many, many ways and avenues to heal and get better - it just keeps coming back. I'm worried about her. She's one of the sweetest women you can imagine, vegan/vegetarian, cat lover and genuinely good person.

I'm eating pickles while my cats are all bugged out in my room. My parents brought up Little Dani and Dorie tonight. Neither of them have ever moved before ... so they were hiding out under my bed.

I threw some cat nip around, sprayed some Feliway and put food out for them. It was the food that seemed to do the trick. :) Only for a moment though - then back under the bed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm here at my new place - the on-site dream job (no driving necessary). The internet is working more on than off though I haven't been able to receive messages on AIM for some reason. I'll ignore that for now and at least be excited I can be on here and such. I'm quite excited overall. Tomorrow I start my job and hopefully all goes well. My aunt bought me some real cute scrubs and I'll be working both shifts tomorrow, I think, training mostly. So long as I don't get bitten, I'll consider tomorrow a success. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some hot delivery man - mail, UPS, food - something to tempt me! Hahaha.

Everything's not unpacked yet, but I took some pictures and I'm really excited to be here.

"What lies ahead I have no way of knowing ~ But under my feet, baby, grass is growing" -Tom Petty