Friday, November 23, 2007

Cancer sucks

It took my aunt, it's taken my dogs and now my rescue friend's cancer is back and it seems to be very advanced. It's affecting her eyes now and she's waiting for a bed in ICU at the hospital to get on a medication she reacts very dangerously to, but it's killed her cancer before. She's tried many, many ways and avenues to heal and get better - it just keeps coming back. I'm worried about her. She's one of the sweetest women you can imagine, vegan/vegetarian, cat lover and genuinely good person.

I'm eating pickles while my cats are all bugged out in my room. My parents brought up Little Dani and Dorie tonight. Neither of them have ever moved before ... so they were hiding out under my bed.

I threw some cat nip around, sprayed some Feliway and put food out for them. It was the food that seemed to do the trick. :) Only for a moment though - then back under the bed.

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