Saturday, December 28, 2013

a whole year

I have wanted to do little write ups on the fosters Matt and I have had this year because they each have seemed to come with these incredible lessons. It's truly amazing. As I ran down the list of dogs who we've fostered in 2013 though, each time I was a little bugged because there was just one dog out of all our fosters missing - Daphne.

Daphne was our first foster dog, but she was adopted in October 2012 - making her the only dog we have fostered that wasn't during 2013 (even Cordi, our 2nd foster pup who we started fostering in 2012, wasn't adopted until early 2013).

Perhaps fate heard my slight OCD tiny irritation about the timing? Perhaps things finally hit their tipping point in her adoptive home? Perhaps there was a lesson to still be learned?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

In any case, with 2013 closing, Matt & I find ourselves fostering Daphne again.

Oh, Daphne...

There's not really much I want to say right now about Daphne and the whole thing with her being back with us. Quite honestly, enough has been said about her (not on my part) ... and very little of it has any relevance and even less of it seems to be true.

What I will say is:
- she's here
- we're taking our time (even though she knows our dogs, routines, etc)
- we're covering all bases
- she's doing f*cking fabulously!