Thursday, October 30, 2008


Quickdraw just looks like such a cool dog! He also looked like a good dog to post around the halloween time - big and black (often the stereotype hard to place for shelters), but so friendly looking - like those silly jack-o-lanterns you see out around this spooky time - "seasonal", but also bringing a smile to your face.

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Location: Kanab, Utah

His legs may be short, but his personality is boundless!

Quickdraw was rescued from the floods following Hurricane Katrina. He was so scared and defensive back then, that he got his name because that was how fast he would snap at you if you cornered him! But the poor thing has really, really relaxed since then. He was just traumatized and terrified!

Quickdraw, we've since learned, is the kind of dog who will love you for life once he loves you. He is a really faithful pooch. He loves eating, and will get tubby if you're not careful. He's so cute, though. And after what he survived, this little boy really deserves a happy ending and a home willing to take in a special needs dog. He may be scared when you first meet him, but please give him time. He has so much to give!

He's had a rough life already. Quickdraw is lucky to be somewhere where he's understood and loved ... but we all know that nothing compares to a forever home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Meet this sweet, "little devil". Joa is a paraplegic kitty who is in need of a special home to call her own.


Domestic Long Hair-black, Baby, Female


On the weekend of May 17th, Haddonfield had a big event and a woman came in Velvet Paws (VP) with her teens. The woman told the owner about a stray in her yard who gave birth to three kittens, one that seemed to have paralyzed legs. She said she called all over to rescues in her area (North Jersey) and she was told they would euthanize the kitten. The owner at VP was so upset that she agreed to intake and foster the kitten out of the goodness of her heart.

The cutie's name is "Joa" for Joan of Arc. It's amazing she survived outside unable to walk! She does move her tail a little but we will see what the vet thinks. At this time, Joa does not appear to be able to control her bowels on her own and she is still being syringe fed since she is just 4-5 weeks old.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pit Bull Awareness Day

Tomorrow is "Pit Bull Awareness Day" and I wanted to make everyone aware of that.

I'm a BIG dog person - I've had them my whole life! Pit Bulls are one of the greatest misunderstood type of dogs, I believe. They are constantly punished for what some of them are created to be - fighters, killers ... but this is not the type of dogs they are born as.

"Pit Bull Awareness Day" is a country-wide day to educate, raise awareness, and promote a positive pit bull image. It is also a day to raise awareness to the discrimination of the breed, and similar breeds, that comes with "breed specific legislation".

"With the constant negative publicity and sensationalized "hype" that surrounds pit bulls, Pit Bull Awareness Day was established as a day to focus on these incredible dogs and their devoted, responsible owners."

Please check out these pages-
Bless The Bullys:

The Pit Pendulum (The dilemma of the Pit Bull breed):

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Delta 2

Delta 2

"Pet me - but don't mess up my fur!"

Oh boy. This one's a primadonna! Delta likes her bed to be fluffed up - don't ask her to lie on the flat kind of cat rug. She's fond of attention. Unless she's in "one of her moods". And if something doesn't meet her standards - she is good with an evil eye.

Strangely, Delta came from an animal shelter in Pahrump, Nevada, that had fallen apart, and where the animals were being neglected. You'd think she might have low expectations because of that! But instead, when she was rescued, she looked at everyone like, "Ah, there you. It's about time. Have you contacted my lawyer? The service here has been just awful. I'm planning to sue."

Delta is healthy, young adult, and gets along fine with other animals - sometimes. Depending on which one and whether she's in the mood!

She would really like the dignity of a home.

What a cutie!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Special Blog Shout Out

Well, here's a special blog shout out this week for Dogs on Thursday. You may remember my post telling the story of Mr. Bones and raising funds to bring him to his new adoptive home on the east coast from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

This week, instead of posting an adoptable dog for my Dogs on Thursday post, I'm referring you all to Bones' travel journal as he makes his way to his new home with his new mom and sister. The journal is being kept by my friend Joyce, Bones' new mom, Bones' new "aunt" and Bones himself every so often - and by Bones himself I mean that he'd like credit for the photos he needs to be in :)

Check it out: Miles for Mr. Bones (in case you can't click on it for some reason, here's the link to copy and paste:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Debate

Shit. I hate to say it, but I think McCain did well tonight ... and by "well", I mean, if anyone doesn't know McCain and his beliefs, he sounded great! Sadly, I feel more of the public don't know the candidates and buy this crap politicians feed us around this time every four years. McCain is lying, lying, lying. Sure, it's part of politics, but it scares me so much that people might (and probably are) believing this stuff.

- "life begins at conception" "I'm pro-life" ... but McCain was saying Obama's statements saying McCain's against stem cell research are negative and lies??? Life begins are conception and stem cell research contradict one another completely in the mind of conservative, pro-life people like McCain.
- "I'm proud of the people who come to our rallies" ... oh yea? The ones who chant "kill, kill, kill", you support them too?
- For McCain to say Sarah Palin's excited women and brought them a step forward is just absolutely disgusting to me. Talk about a big, whopping lie! Most women are insulted. People with Sarah Palin's qualification have never been involved before because they're not qualified! New doesn't mean different and new to the scene definitely doesn't mean better.
- At one point McCain said "hundreds" and then corrected himself it to "billions" ... I wasn't going to point that out, but McCain did that more than one and, man, that's a big difference!
- I cannot believe McCain said that most of Superior Court decisions were wrong. How insulting to those judges who have achieved such standing and the presidents that suggested they be put in those positions! Then he said that such decisions should rest in the hands of the states - uh, why are we the "united" states at all then???
- Anyone that supports Roe V Wade automatically makes them unqualified for sitting on the Superior Court?! Wow! That's terrifying. Though I do not believe that is a decision I could ever personally make, I will never, ever, ever be okay with some older, white man thinking he can take that option away from every woman no matter what the circumstances. Uh! And for Obama to then smooth it over by saying that he feels abortion is a very difficult issue and a moral issue ... that the constitution has a "right to privacy" in it. I liked that!! That our "rights" should not be put up to public vote. Oh man, he won me right there if he hadn't already. Personal, private choices should remain that - our own decisions, not forced ones due to a narrow minded, conservative weighed judges and if that's "mainstream America" - well, mainstream isn't everyone's current in life!
- Personally I also really liked Obama's idea of community work required for students - I think it is GREAT! My rescue experience has gotten me so far in life, made me very mature & aware. Also, I cannot imagine my life without my time in Belize, even for how short it was. That time in my life will forever be greatly valued and on my mind.
- And my, wouldn't it be great to get rid of bad teachers!? They're such a detriment to not only the education of our children, but their self-esteem and self value. Whether they feel bad for constantly doing poorly in a class due to poor teaching practices, unhelpful, non-hands-on educators or those belittling teachers. They affect our whole lives greatly!
- Oh, and I also liked how McCain practically jumped Obama yelling saying "Good job. Good job." I guess him not shaking hands last time got him a slap on the wrist from his party?

Afterwards, NBC had a little mini poll/interview with 4 independent voters, 1 republican and 1 democrat. When asked to answer honestly, 3 people raised their hands saying they knew people who would not vote for Obama due to his race. When asked if they knew anyone that would not vote for McCain due to Sarah Palin ... every single one of those six people raised their hand! That says something right there, I think. Also, they were very impressed that Obama contained his temperament and discipline - I have to agree with that. I don't want a president that gets heated, over-worked and angry representing me ... let alone making decisions in a time of crisis.

Post debate I checked out the polls on AOL and found this comment along the lines of how stupid Democrats must be and the women who are doing anything but falling to their knees in worship before McCain because of how awful Obama was to Hillary Clinton. What?! I felt compelled to comment as well: Fastcat121, as a woman, I wouldn't vote for McCain strictly for the embarrassment to my gender that is Sarah Palin and for the undeniable factor that he chose her because she IS a woman ... as if that would mean I'd automatically vote for her strictly because we both have vag...s - a family she can't control (pregnant, unwed teen when she's so conservative, a soon-to-be-son-in-law that dropped out of highschool when Palin said before that there's no reason to not work through whatever and get your high school diploma), a brain she is being fed lines to follow (yay for setting women back so far) and the lack of a backbone to stick up for herself, her values and women as a whole is so SAD!

Let's go to a new topic - McCain, you're one old fuck! ... err, uhh ::insert something nice, Jen!!:: - I hope you all enjoyed the debate!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Are Their Heroes

We Are Their Heroes
by Jim Willis

If you worry that you have not made a difference, you have,
for only those who do not worry about it have not.
If you feel overwhelmed, if the weight of problems is too heavy to bear,
remember it is a shared burden
and the strength of numbers can accomplish much.

If you think society and government are blind,
it only serves to remind that we need to change
one mind at a time, one law after another.
We effect change by cooperation, not by isolation.

If you consider that we cannot save them all,
and what difference does one make?,
you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved.
Mourn those we cannot save, it is a eulogy to their being.
Do not let their loss be in vain.

Be kind to yourself, remember your needs
and those of your family and friends of every species.
If you give everything, what will you have left for yourself,
or for them?
Strive to be happy and healthy. You are needed.
Achieving balance in life is a lifelong struggle.
We who help those who do not have all that they need
should be among the most grateful for what we have.

Be proud of your accomplishments, not your opinions.
The quality of your efforts is more important than the quantity.
Forgive your own deficiencies - sometimes your caring is sufficient.
Everyone can do something, it is up to you to do the thing you can.
A kind word and a gentle touch can change a life.

If anger wells up within you, because people are the problem,
remember your humanity and that people are also the solution.
Concentrate on specific needs, pay attention to the individual -
they make up the whole.
See beyond the unlovable, the unattractive,
the impure and the wounded -
see that their spirit is as deserving as the rest. Help them heal.
Their eyes are windows to their soul
and the mirror of your sincerity.

All species, all beings, share this Earth in a chain of life.
Care more about what makes us alike than what separates us.
Policies, rules and regulations are not infallible.
Apply them judiciously, interpret them wisely.
No decision based purely on money is ever the right one.

Listen to your heart. Sometimes we have to do that which
we are most afraid of.
Be true to yourself and your beliefs.
Family may abandon you,
friends may disappoint you, strangers will ridicule you.
People shun what they do not understand.
Help them to understand - kindly, softly, gently.

Those who do not respect all life are to be pitied.
Often the wrongdoer is as in need of help as his victims.
Forgive, then teach by example.
Educate yourself or you cannot hope to teach others.
No action based in hatred is ever right
and anger drowns out wisdom.

Yours may be a voice crying in the wilderness,
make it a voice to be respected.
Listen more than you talk, be courteous and reliable.
Learn to ask for help. Never waiver from the truth.
Know that it takes a lot of strength to cry
And with every defeat, we learn.

All Creation celebrates that which is in its own best interest.
The Children are our hope - nurture them.
Nature is our legacy - protect it.
The Animals are our brethren - learn from them.

Your rewards will not be material, but they will be meaningful,
and the courage of your convictions can survive anything.
We are small boats cast adrift on a cruel sea,
but someday the tide will turn toward a safe harbor.
No matter how dark the storm clouds,
or deep the pain of heartbreak - never forget:
We are their heroes.


Sam is in foster care in Brooklawn, but his home is actually under attack ("harassment") due to the town's pet limit law ... apparently the public service that their resident does by fostering is not seen that way by the town board.

Brown Tabby w/ White, Adult, Male

[Sam] was getting so stressed out [at the shelter he was at before] that he was repeatedly getting sick to the point the vet suggested just to put him to sleep. Instead, he was kindly kept in an office by himself until FFRV stepped in and put him into a foster home of our own.

Sam is a LOVE. He adores his new foster family and follows them ALL over the house and sleeps with them at night. He also LOVES to play ... This handsome, sweet boy just wants attention and is a real love ... The vet also discovered ... Sammy's declawed!

Sam was at a disgusting, disgusting shelter before that kept their animals in awful, neglected conditions. One kitty that I have myself in foster care, Candice, had her mouth in such an awful condition that every single one of her teeth removed ASAP and her mouth was so infected that her tonsils had swollen to the point of almost blocking her breathing:

Sam was said to hate other animals, keep getting stressed in the shelter environment and so should be put to sleep ... he's in a very diverse foster home now with lots of other animals needing homes and was doing just fine the last I heard. He could have been killed for an absolutely bogus reason!

I know the back story because I was the one that pulled Sam and was lucky enough to have his foster mom offer to care for him and take him into the rescue she is a board member of.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Driving to my parents the other day, the wind blew and all these gorgeous red leaves blew across the road. It was beautiful! Not to mention, it was during one of my favorite parts during the drive. This one part is very hilly, crowded with trees (gorgeous this time of year!) and the extra gush of wind that tossed those leaves into my view was just so nice.

Then, late last night, I finally got back to my apartment and it was long past the time that the lights in the parking lot go out ... but this huge moon was shining down on me. I could not only find my way to my door, but the fields were lit up and the hills. It was beautiful, a really nice way to end the night.

And, then, to top it all off, when I woke up this morning the fog was heavy, frost was on everything and it was just the whipped topping. :) It was so pretty looking out my window and across the field. The frost, the fog, the chilly weather ... it seems as if fall is finally here!

Soon enough the heavy smell of burning wood from the mill next door should be in the air and I love that smell! Strange, maybe, but I find that to be such a good smell. It just lets me know that it's cold out, winter is here and that mean it's time for bundling up, snuggling close and warm drinks (like I need any more of an excuse for drinking tea or hot chocolate!). Can't wait!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Expect More Videos

McCain, Palin, Tina Fey, SNL, The View, election, 2008

Expect a lot of videos until election day comes ... sure, clips can be edited, cut and other altered, but they're still informative and, biased or not, not half the bull these "supported" ads are filled with

"Straight Talk"

if you can't see the above, please go here:

"John McCain - One More Lie Can't Hurt..."

if you can't see the above, please go here:

and, just for the sheer entertainment of it:

if you can't see the above, please go here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

R.I.P. Tails

We lost Tails today. I'm quite a bit heartbroken...

Tails has been at the sanctuary for several years now, 3 I think, and he is the brother to the recently adopted "TJ". Though they weren't particularly bonded to one another specifically, they both enjoyed the company of other cats - which, towards the end of their time together, did include one another.

Our handsome gray cat had the opportunity to be adopted. Due to Tails's medical history ("He had heart disease at some point, but he was also hyperthyroid. He was treated successfully for his hyperthyroidism, and that treatment may also have reversed his heart disease.") we decided to have Tails examined by a vet before he was adopted. It was at this time we found out that Tails was in congestive heart failure and had fluids on his lungs. Needless to say, Tails was not adopted* in order to keep his stress down, keep him comfortable and start a requment of medicines to give Tails the best shot possible.

Tails hung in there for a couple months, lucky boy, and was able to see his brother TJ adopted out quite recently and welcome a new cat into his room - Geri. He did have to have more fluid taken off his lungs and went through several types of medicine (different kinds and varieties of those -liquid, pills, injectible-). He was also able to eat whatever he wanted, a real treat to a boy who has for some time now been in our "fat cat" room on a diet. :)

Yesterday, Tails was really seeming down and he had been. His appetite had been down, he wasn't talking like he usually did and his breathing seemed to have reached a substantial state of effort. The decision was made to let him go and he was surrounded by some of the people that really loved him. Oreo hung around when he normally scurries off and he stretched for some good scratches right up until the end, pushing Ginny's hand when she took a break. Jon joked about what an absolute terror he used to be - wild! I am lucky enough to just remember him as the chatty gray boy always ready to eat and chat in Adoption Room 2.

I am upset. Not only did we lose him, but I really feel like he got ripped off - when we found out, he was about to be adopted, his brother was finally back into the same room with him and then all this...

R.I.P. Tails

*On a positive note, the family that had intended to adopt him did adopt another wonderful cat from us.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pinky Bear

Here's my Dogs on Thursday post :)

Pinky Bear

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Location: Kanab, Utah

Here's how Pinky Bear's site reads:
No such thing as a stranger!

Pinky Bear is instantly best friends with everyone she meets. She just loves to be walked, touched, petted - and loved.

Pinky Bear walks very politely on her leash. She is smart, and really focuses her attention on the person at hand. What a dream student, she is! She loves figuring out new games and tricks. And she's extremely devoted to anyone who'll stay with her longer than an afternoon.

Plenty of energy, too. She can run an agility course that'll really knock your socks off. A great dog! A bit of a "me only" dog. Not so wild about sharing you with other pooches. But she is fantastic.

All this girl needs is a chance.

Something about this girl's sweet face really caught my attention ... and what a cute name! Sure, maybe she might be the type of dog needing to be an "only pet", but in general, I think Staffies are so cute with their big heads and boxy build. They're gravely overlooked in shelters as well. I'm glad there's a place like Best Friends constantly there to help as often as possible. They truly go above and beyond.