Thursday, October 16, 2008

Special Blog Shout Out

Well, here's a special blog shout out this week for Dogs on Thursday. You may remember my post telling the story of Mr. Bones and raising funds to bring him to his new adoptive home on the east coast from Best Friends Animal Society in Utah.

This week, instead of posting an adoptable dog for my Dogs on Thursday post, I'm referring you all to Bones' travel journal as he makes his way to his new home with his new mom and sister. The journal is being kept by my friend Joyce, Bones' new mom, Bones' new "aunt" and Bones himself every so often - and by Bones himself I mean that he'd like credit for the photos he needs to be in :)

Check it out: Miles for Mr. Bones (in case you can't click on it for some reason, here's the link to copy and paste:


Blony said...
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Jen's Journal said...

Updates on Mr. Bones: