Thursday, October 30, 2008


Quickdraw just looks like such a cool dog! He also looked like a good dog to post around the halloween time - big and black (often the stereotype hard to place for shelters), but so friendly looking - like those silly jack-o-lanterns you see out around this spooky time - "seasonal", but also bringing a smile to your face.

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Location: Kanab, Utah

His legs may be short, but his personality is boundless!

Quickdraw was rescued from the floods following Hurricane Katrina. He was so scared and defensive back then, that he got his name because that was how fast he would snap at you if you cornered him! But the poor thing has really, really relaxed since then. He was just traumatized and terrified!

Quickdraw, we've since learned, is the kind of dog who will love you for life once he loves you. He is a really faithful pooch. He loves eating, and will get tubby if you're not careful. He's so cute, though. And after what he survived, this little boy really deserves a happy ending and a home willing to take in a special needs dog. He may be scared when you first meet him, but please give him time. He has so much to give!

He's had a rough life already. Quickdraw is lucky to be somewhere where he's understood and loved ... but we all know that nothing compares to a forever home.

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