Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pinky Bear

Here's my Dogs on Thursday post :)

Pinky Bear

Breed: Staffordshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Location: Kanab, Utah

Here's how Pinky Bear's site reads:
No such thing as a stranger!

Pinky Bear is instantly best friends with everyone she meets. She just loves to be walked, touched, petted - and loved.

Pinky Bear walks very politely on her leash. She is smart, and really focuses her attention on the person at hand. What a dream student, she is! She loves figuring out new games and tricks. And she's extremely devoted to anyone who'll stay with her longer than an afternoon.

Plenty of energy, too. She can run an agility course that'll really knock your socks off. A great dog! A bit of a "me only" dog. Not so wild about sharing you with other pooches. But she is fantastic.

All this girl needs is a chance.

Something about this girl's sweet face really caught my attention ... and what a cute name! Sure, maybe she might be the type of dog needing to be an "only pet", but in general, I think Staffies are so cute with their big heads and boxy build. They're gravely overlooked in shelters as well. I'm glad there's a place like Best Friends constantly there to help as often as possible. They truly go above and beyond.

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