Friday, February 22, 2013


Used the ninja today and puréed some left over fish, a whole can of sardines and some frozen veggies for the dogs. I added in some pumpkin and fed it to them with some of their dry food this afternoon. I think it was a hit :)

Oh, the other Tupperware containers have Greek yogurt, almond milk, rolled oats and frozen mangos (put through the ninja) that I made for myself.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Been some time...

It's been some time, but here's a post.

I saw this wonderful "pin" on Pinterest (damn you and your addictive-ness!) and followed it to the Life. Family. Love. blog post about Homemade Febreeze. Living in a place with a smelly smoker so nearby makes the need for a smell neutralizer quite necessary and I was intrigued because Febreeze is not cheap.

I followed the instructions, altering them as one of the comments suggested to use something other than softener too - I used a small amount of Suave conditioner and white vinegar. Might have needed to use more though... So far I'm not sure how effective it is because the space hasn't really smelled like smoke since I made it. We'll see soon enough, I'm sure.

I'm considering rooting around for another bottle to make the concoction as the original blog post calls for just so I can have both on hand and see which works better.

Either way, I'm excited we might get to save some money and that I can make my own scents depending on what I add :)

I'm going to try to get better with posting, I mean it! I'm constantly thinking of things to post and then don't find the time (boo!). Gotta go for now though - the puppy is getting restless and I think needs to get out.