Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tea Tuesday

I was sitting here, finishing up some emails and considering making some tea ... when I realized it was Tuesday - Tea Tuesday! So, I decided to definitely make some tea and find the time to quickly write on here.


I think of this blog (and anyone who still might follow it) often and feel awful for not updating ... and not updating without a very good excuse. Work, family, overwhelming things, etc ... I wish I found the time to write more because I do really enjoy it and just trying to reach out more.

You know, part of my absence here has been from working online - first with Achieveopedia, now Tabby's Place and Joa's Arc stuff as much as possible on top of that. I've just found myself online so much for work that I don't want to spend more time online ... even if it's doing things I want to be doing (more important I do things I'm getting paid for, you know? lol)

I'm glad I got the opportunity to write today, though I'm not really sure what to add. There's so much to write ... I'm considering adding some posts with pictures I took on my cell and just back dating to the day of the photos ... as a way to like catch up, but not get overwhelmed with the details. I have enough on my plate right now.

Anyway, happy to post today. Cheers to Tea Tuesday!

10-12-10_Tea (6)ed
Tea Tuesday is reminder to you too, my friends and wanderers that found your way here. Remember that all the good you do won't get done if you're not around. So, take a minute to relax with me at some point today.