Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Purpose

I've decided to make this my rescue blog. The other blogs I've come across all have some serious purpose or main subject they focus on, not just random ramblings like my old blogs. So, I'll make this my blog to write out things about rescue and we'll see if I get a following ... or at least it'll be a place to get my feelings across as sometimes I feel my rescue life & my personal life are two very different portions of me and they're hard to cover all in one spot, one blog. It'll be nice to have this one focused on that.

I'll start this focus, this more purpose driven blog tomorrow or something. Not tonight, my mind's not big on the idea of focusing right now.

PS- I have this thing for quotes. Expect them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Movie - Story of my Life?

Can I not admit that Evan Almighty seems to be the story of my life? No, elephants aren't showing up in my backyard, as upset as my aunt might be over this fact, but cats ... they're everywhere!

Everywhere I go: behind a building, walking through my friend's backyard, running across a street into a field and this doesn't include the countless phone calls my rescue gets of people that want to give them up. Not to mention, this time of year is when I start dreaming of them - last night it was of a cat in my backyard having 12+ kittens.

It's kitten season now and they're being put to sleep by the trashcans-full. That breaks my heart, along with the long-loved house pets surrendered for whatever (poor) excuse that are also being put to sleep before their owners are barely out the door of whatever shelter they're being left at.

No matter what I do, it doesn't seem to be enough.