Monday, January 30, 2017


Every morning, I come downstairs with Willow in my arms and Miles, Muppy & Sadie around my legs (with Daph already downstairs in the living room from earlier in the morning when Matt heads to work). I let Sadie & Muppy outside together when we get downstairs and then put I Willow down on her play mat in the living room. After the girls hav been out for a bit, I call them in and let Miles out. Sadie & Muppy get water before I switch the girls up - Sadie Lady & Mup into the living room, Daph into the kitchen for water before I called Miles in and let her out. That's the routine every morning.

Well, some time this morning after I put Willow down on the play mat (note: a good 10 - 15 feet from the gate into the kitchen), I hear a clanging ... the gate rattling. What in the world?! I look over to see this...

Ahhh! How'd you get there, kid?!

I guess we are officially on the move.