Friday, October 19, 2007

Pink or Blue and other matters too

Ah, I'm much more of a blue girl myself and I'd have even settled with like green and yellow or pruple and yellow, but my rescue volunteers have seemed to blaze ahead full steam with pink - lots and lots of pink!

I'll be the first to admit I LOVED that barbie pink cage we found for sale, BUT I liked it for the idea of the real retro, black/pink look we could have had by mix-matching our black show cages with the pink one. That's not the direction it went though - pink paper, pink table cloth, pink shirts now, pink out the whazoo.

Makes this girl a bit quezzy and I think, on a public relations note, seems to make this rescue and cats overall appear to be a girl thing

::sigh:: Oh well, I guess...

On the matter of One-Eyed Jack, I still have him. He's sadly not found a home yet and he's such a good boy. He really deserves one. 2 homes fell through on him, two really good sounding homes that would have been totally understanding on how rough he had it earlier on in life. Breaks my heart the poor dog is still stuck with me as a foster after so much time. I never knew it was so tough to place dogs into homes!