Friday, May 30, 2014

have I mentioned I hate this house?

it hasn't rained in days, but the basement is flooded (including half the cat room). I guess the sump pump stopped working at some point last night? Anyway, the whole thing is flooded and the minor river that flows through the basement for several days after it rains is now a complete flood... and Matt & I can't do anything about it because we need to go to work to make money to get out of this hell hole crumbling mess of a house...

I moved the litter boxes to the dry side and put down a couple crates over the flooded section of the cat room so the cats have more things to be up on because of course they still keep walking through the water - ugh, what a damn mess.

I woke up so excited about today and now I'm just going to worry about the cats all day :/ I'm suppose to look at 3 houses today, only one of which I was excited about and it looks like it's falling apart, but at this point, it's going to look like a move-in-ready mansion compared to this place.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

happy 60

My dad would be 60 today.

Last night I cried and cried ... and then cried some more when I realized I wasn't just missing him, but felt so very lucky just to have had that big guy in my life in general...

And then I cried some more as I remembered him saying (teasingly with a big smile on his face), "You're so lucky to have me, kid."

Oh, papa bear, you have no idea...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blogging Outside

Guess where I am blogging? Outside and loving it!

Ok, technically when I post this I will most likely be back inside, but for now I am outside with the doggies, taking pics and enjoying the awesome weather we have today. Here's some exciting outside stuff...

The catnip I planted last year survived our crazy white, icy, snowy, multi-polar vortex winter and re-emerged. I was very excited to see this in the yard.

Speaking of things that are back - the single sprig of mint I planted has most definitely multiplied.

Bought this clematis plant over the weekend. I wanted to plant stuff and Matt has wanted something to spruce up the lamp post, so this is the solution we came up with :)

Bought these gorgeous flowers over the weekend too

Amazingly beautiful, right? How could I resist it!

Here are the two gorgeous flowers I bought and a clump of what I think are purple Johhny Jump Up's.

All in all, an excellent day outside and some beauty added to this yard weekend is a nice bonus.

I kept telling Matt over the last few years that I've been here with him that I didn't want to plant anything because I didn't want to be here, but we're here and aside from planting and the dogs, there's not a lot of good excuses to be outside here on such a nice day like today. So, planting with the dogs outside it will be because we are here and I should make the best of it, right?