Saturday, October 11, 2008


Driving to my parents the other day, the wind blew and all these gorgeous red leaves blew across the road. It was beautiful! Not to mention, it was during one of my favorite parts during the drive. This one part is very hilly, crowded with trees (gorgeous this time of year!) and the extra gush of wind that tossed those leaves into my view was just so nice.

Then, late last night, I finally got back to my apartment and it was long past the time that the lights in the parking lot go out ... but this huge moon was shining down on me. I could not only find my way to my door, but the fields were lit up and the hills. It was beautiful, a really nice way to end the night.

And, then, to top it all off, when I woke up this morning the fog was heavy, frost was on everything and it was just the whipped topping. :) It was so pretty looking out my window and across the field. The frost, the fog, the chilly weather ... it seems as if fall is finally here!

Soon enough the heavy smell of burning wood from the mill next door should be in the air and I love that smell! Strange, maybe, but I find that to be such a good smell. It just lets me know that it's cold out, winter is here and that mean it's time for bundling up, snuggling close and warm drinks (like I need any more of an excuse for drinking tea or hot chocolate!). Can't wait!

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