Sunday, October 19, 2008

Delta 2

Delta 2

"Pet me - but don't mess up my fur!"

Oh boy. This one's a primadonna! Delta likes her bed to be fluffed up - don't ask her to lie on the flat kind of cat rug. She's fond of attention. Unless she's in "one of her moods". And if something doesn't meet her standards - she is good with an evil eye.

Strangely, Delta came from an animal shelter in Pahrump, Nevada, that had fallen apart, and where the animals were being neglected. You'd think she might have low expectations because of that! But instead, when she was rescued, she looked at everyone like, "Ah, there you. It's about time. Have you contacted my lawyer? The service here has been just awful. I'm planning to sue."

Delta is healthy, young adult, and gets along fine with other animals - sometimes. Depending on which one and whether she's in the mood!

She would really like the dignity of a home.

What a cutie!

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