Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Debate

Shit. I hate to say it, but I think McCain did well tonight ... and by "well", I mean, if anyone doesn't know McCain and his beliefs, he sounded great! Sadly, I feel more of the public don't know the candidates and buy this crap politicians feed us around this time every four years. McCain is lying, lying, lying. Sure, it's part of politics, but it scares me so much that people might (and probably are) believing this stuff.

- "life begins at conception" "I'm pro-life" ... but McCain was saying Obama's statements saying McCain's against stem cell research are negative and lies??? Life begins are conception and stem cell research contradict one another completely in the mind of conservative, pro-life people like McCain.
- "I'm proud of the people who come to our rallies" ... oh yea? The ones who chant "kill, kill, kill", you support them too?
- For McCain to say Sarah Palin's excited women and brought them a step forward is just absolutely disgusting to me. Talk about a big, whopping lie! Most women are insulted. People with Sarah Palin's qualification have never been involved before because they're not qualified! New doesn't mean different and new to the scene definitely doesn't mean better.
- At one point McCain said "hundreds" and then corrected himself it to "billions" ... I wasn't going to point that out, but McCain did that more than one and, man, that's a big difference!
- I cannot believe McCain said that most of Superior Court decisions were wrong. How insulting to those judges who have achieved such standing and the presidents that suggested they be put in those positions! Then he said that such decisions should rest in the hands of the states - uh, why are we the "united" states at all then???
- Anyone that supports Roe V Wade automatically makes them unqualified for sitting on the Superior Court?! Wow! That's terrifying. Though I do not believe that is a decision I could ever personally make, I will never, ever, ever be okay with some older, white man thinking he can take that option away from every woman no matter what the circumstances. Uh! And for Obama to then smooth it over by saying that he feels abortion is a very difficult issue and a moral issue ... that the constitution has a "right to privacy" in it. I liked that!! That our "rights" should not be put up to public vote. Oh man, he won me right there if he hadn't already. Personal, private choices should remain that - our own decisions, not forced ones due to a narrow minded, conservative weighed judges and if that's "mainstream America" - well, mainstream isn't everyone's current in life!
- Personally I also really liked Obama's idea of community work required for students - I think it is GREAT! My rescue experience has gotten me so far in life, made me very mature & aware. Also, I cannot imagine my life without my time in Belize, even for how short it was. That time in my life will forever be greatly valued and on my mind.
- And my, wouldn't it be great to get rid of bad teachers!? They're such a detriment to not only the education of our children, but their self-esteem and self value. Whether they feel bad for constantly doing poorly in a class due to poor teaching practices, unhelpful, non-hands-on educators or those belittling teachers. They affect our whole lives greatly!
- Oh, and I also liked how McCain practically jumped Obama yelling saying "Good job. Good job." I guess him not shaking hands last time got him a slap on the wrist from his party?

Afterwards, NBC had a little mini poll/interview with 4 independent voters, 1 republican and 1 democrat. When asked to answer honestly, 3 people raised their hands saying they knew people who would not vote for Obama due to his race. When asked if they knew anyone that would not vote for McCain due to Sarah Palin ... every single one of those six people raised their hand! That says something right there, I think. Also, they were very impressed that Obama contained his temperament and discipline - I have to agree with that. I don't want a president that gets heated, over-worked and angry representing me ... let alone making decisions in a time of crisis.

Post debate I checked out the polls on AOL and found this comment along the lines of how stupid Democrats must be and the women who are doing anything but falling to their knees in worship before McCain because of how awful Obama was to Hillary Clinton. What?! I felt compelled to comment as well: Fastcat121, as a woman, I wouldn't vote for McCain strictly for the embarrassment to my gender that is Sarah Palin and for the undeniable factor that he chose her because she IS a woman ... as if that would mean I'd automatically vote for her strictly because we both have vag...s - a family she can't control (pregnant, unwed teen when she's so conservative, a soon-to-be-son-in-law that dropped out of highschool when Palin said before that there's no reason to not work through whatever and get your high school diploma), a brain she is being fed lines to follow (yay for setting women back so far) and the lack of a backbone to stick up for herself, her values and women as a whole is so SAD!

Let's go to a new topic - McCain, you're one old fuck! ... err, uhh ::insert something nice, Jen!!:: - I hope you all enjoyed the debate!

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