Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sam is in foster care in Brooklawn, but his home is actually under attack ("harassment") due to the town's pet limit law ... apparently the public service that their resident does by fostering is not seen that way by the town board.

Brown Tabby w/ White, Adult, Male

[Sam] was getting so stressed out [at the shelter he was at before] that he was repeatedly getting sick to the point the vet suggested just to put him to sleep. Instead, he was kindly kept in an office by himself until FFRV stepped in and put him into a foster home of our own.

Sam is a LOVE. He adores his new foster family and follows them ALL over the house and sleeps with them at night. He also LOVES to play ... This handsome, sweet boy just wants attention and is a real love ... The vet also discovered ... Sammy's declawed!

Sam was at a disgusting, disgusting shelter before that kept their animals in awful, neglected conditions. One kitty that I have myself in foster care, Candice, had her mouth in such an awful condition that every single one of her teeth removed ASAP and her mouth was so infected that her tonsils had swollen to the point of almost blocking her breathing:

Sam was said to hate other animals, keep getting stressed in the shelter environment and so should be put to sleep ... he's in a very diverse foster home now with lots of other animals needing homes and was doing just fine the last I heard. He could have been killed for an absolutely bogus reason!

I know the back story because I was the one that pulled Sam and was lucky enough to have his foster mom offer to care for him and take him into the rescue she is a board member of.

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