Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Almost time for work!

I just found out Monday that my one little rescue foster kitty, Candice, may have cancer. I'm terribly disappointed.

Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers (FFRV), my rescue, pulled her, Norbit (now Ruby), Sam and, a few days before those three, Cleo from this shelter near where I work. They seriously need help there ... and that's putting it nicely! Candice was there for almost 3 years in a cage and now it seems she might have been sitting there with this gigantic mass in the back of her mouth. We were going to pull her teeth Monday, but after they put her under and opened her mouth to put the tube in, they saw this huge mass pretty much blocking the entire back of her throat. So instead of pulling out most of her teeth, they removed most of the mass and did a biopsy. They didn't want to pull her teeth (and put her through that pain) only to find out she has terminal cancer ... and the mass they removed was like an inch or little under in size. It was huge! Poor baby ...

She's the sweetest little girl too! She just lays around, spinning a bit and purring when I talk to her. They think she's about 7 years old, but it's hard to tell from her teeth since her mouth is so bad.

Here's Candice:

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