Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update 1/8/08 - Municipal Court To Scare Us

UPDATE as of 1/8/08: No fines were imposed in court last night. Jen S, along with another board member and Smith’s 9 year old daughter, appeared at court. After an hour of waiting Jen S was asked several simple questions … and then “excused”. Honestly, we were confused as to what exactly this meant, but did NOT ask questions.

FFRV Founder, Jen Wesh, was not a happy camper when she finally got an update on what had gone on at court that night. True, Furrever Friends did not have any fines to pay that night. However, she found out that two of her board members (Jen Smith and Jennifer A) and Smith’s 9 year old daughter had to sit around the court room all evening just to simply be dismissed for all the reasons we had requested to not be required to come that evening BEFORE the trial date. It seemed as if the three had to sit around just to be intimidated by their surroundings.

At this time, we are starting to get the ball rolling on getting ready for court in Camden on March 11th. We:

- are seeking stories from people who have been pet limit law victims in NJ
- just ordered buttons on not limiting love or pet families that we’ll sell to raise money
- are putting together a little info sheet to spread out to the public
- are seeking out rescue organizations, shelters, private rescuers and NJ residents who will morally support us.

We are obviously nervous, but very excited too that we could make such a big difference in rescue work and have our fingers crossed that it will not be long from now that Jen Smith’s foster home can go back to normal, loving her foster furkids and not being harassed.

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