Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ending on a lighter note for the day!

There was a couple in yesterday who were looking for kittens - the littlest kittens you could get. Obviously we don't get many of them here, let alone this time of year, but I was very excited because I was able to talk them into the little ones we do have - like Merlin who's about 7 months now. So, they see Merlin, love Merlin and I think -hey, why not?- and offer to show them Shy, Merline's sister, even though she's still caged in her new room since she's overwhelmed with all the other cats.

I take the couple in to this other room, I take Shy out, she looks around and absolutely FREAKS out!!! I end up almost losing her, grabbing her and getting her back into the cage with her rear end scruffed in one hand and her scruff in the other ... reassuring the couple that of course I wouldn't let them get hurt and she's just still very shy (duh!!! me). Now, the entertaining part on top of all this is I'm doing/saying this as my pinky finger is bleeding on both sides from scratch marks and, prepare yourselves: my shirt is hanging TORN open! Oh yea, from the bottom of my black bra down to the hem above my tattoo are now in view of this couple and everyone in the lobby since the big window is right there ... oh, and bleeding as well from where her back claws got me on the hip.

Sponsors of our one special needs kitty, Hootz, are here as well and we've talked extensively the last time they were in (I was actually off and barefoot walking around talking to them the first time - ah the joys of living at work). So, not only has the couple witnessed this, but everyone in the lobby who can see me through the giant floor to ceiling window into the room - including this sponsor. Oh man! All I could do was point at my torn shirt, make a face and roll my eyes at them since they were watching.

Thankfully the couple had to go then because I needed to start PM rounds, but I had to take them into the lobby and talk to them a bit more. So, I'm walking around with my torn scrubs, talking, until they left. Geez ... And let me tell you, that was just PART of one hell of a crazy day. Only me!

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