Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was on the phone earlier and just wandering around my apartment chatting. I can't honestly tell you what caught my attention: maybe I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, subconsciously noticed something amiss or felt myself being watch. No matter what it was, I found myself staring at the elusive, long-haired black cat who was sitting outside about 15 feet from my bedroom window - staring right back at me!

Oh, I jumped right on that since thankfully I made my parents bring up my trap the other day when they came to visit. I ran into the sanctuary, got some super smelly wet food, found a blanket to throw over my trap and got a piece of paper to lay down at the bottom of the trap as well and went out into the cold night. Of course, the cat was gone ... but I set my trap anyway because I was tired of NOT having this cat, but seeing him/her all over the property. Nights the best time to trap cats, or at least this one since it's quieter here then and I've seen the cat more after dark. And just because I'm the only one here at night and I'm off the clock doesn't mean I can't be trying to get these kitties. AND I GOT THE CAT!!!

Oh boy was I nervous since I am alone here now. I got the kitty out of the cold and it didn't lunge, hiss or spit at me. I then set up a cage in quarantine and openned the trap up so the cat would walk into the cage. S/he didn't seem to want to ... until the cat saw the yummy food I had put in the cage too. It was then I got to pet her/him, pick at him/her a bit (the cat has some mattes) and feel the kitty ... feels like a solid kitty, definitely not starved but still a bit thin, I think. I think I caught a good kitty!

Woo hoo!

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