Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dogs On Thursday - Help Mr. Bones Get Home!

My Aunt is always posting "Dogs On Thursday" entries. I'm not sure how to join groups, really, but here's my "Dogs On Thursday" posting all the same. :)

Help Bones Get Home!

"Everyone who meets Mr. Bones will tell you that there is just something special about him. And there really is! He has a look on his face, almost all the time, that looks an awful lot like a smile. When it’s hot outside, he likes nothing more than to recline in his doggy pool or to dance in the stream of water from a hose. His water dance has slowed down quite a bit over the years - but he is still willing to show some of this moves if the weather is warm enough.

He’s got his own fan club too! A wonderful group of ladies who call themselves The Jersey Girls who wear Mr. Bones T-shirts on their yearly visits to the sanctuary and take Mr. Bones on lots of sleep overs." -Best Friends DogTown "Mr. Bones"

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My friend, Joyce, has been a long time lover and volunteer for Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. She travels there with friends every summer ... and now one of her favorite dogs has finally found his forever home ... if we can get him to the east coast.

Bones has lived the past 13 years at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He recently met his new mom Sharon in August and now she needs help bringing him home. Due to his age and some health issues, he is not able to travel via air so that means ROAD TRIP! His new family is anxious to get him home before cold weather arrives.

*He was one of the stars in the National Geographic series, DogTown and the ONLY dog that hasn't been adopted from the three series.*

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