Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm here at my new place - the on-site dream job (no driving necessary). The internet is working more on than off though I haven't been able to receive messages on AIM for some reason. I'll ignore that for now and at least be excited I can be on here and such. I'm quite excited overall. Tomorrow I start my job and hopefully all goes well. My aunt bought me some real cute scrubs and I'll be working both shifts tomorrow, I think, training mostly. So long as I don't get bitten, I'll consider tomorrow a success. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some hot delivery man - mail, UPS, food - something to tempt me! Hahaha.

Everything's not unpacked yet, but I took some pictures and I'm really excited to be here.

"What lies ahead I have no way of knowing ~ But under my feet, baby, grass is growing" -Tom Petty

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Dianne said...

Hey Jen - Love the look of the apartment! I'll be thinking about you today (and every day, of course!). Love you!
Aunt Dianne