Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Blood Season 3 Prospects

Last weekend we had the Emmys and bits and pieces to hold us over (anyone else notice the episodes that were playing last Sunday on HBO???), such as the marathons I'm sure some of you were running off your DVRs or On Demand. But, this weekend, it might actually be hitting some of us hard - Sunday Funday/Sinday and new True Blood episodes are actually gone ... and gone for months! Ugh!

Well, this exciting list I came across recently really got me inspired and interested in the theories and ideas that might be coming for Season 3 of True Blood ... which, again, is oh so many months away! Check it out: What Do We Know About True Blood Season 3? (SPOILERS)

Obviously, a key part in the finale, the show and Season 3/Book 3 is Bill and Sookie’s relationship. It seems the queen was hinting at something and we book readers know several things could be going on, but the big one seems to be the one writers are considering unveiling now. On a silly, shallow note, I need to say that it sure would it be nice to get rid of catch phrases in articles and interviews like "Sookie's true love, Bill Compton" (source) since we book readers know it’s more like “big time liar lover” lol Oh and comments like "the love between them is authentic and real" (source) - but if all that real love is based on a lie... Could the queen be hinting at that? Could they be hinting at that plot line from the books being followed in the show as well? I don’t know, but I’m well aware it’s created quite the heated debate - you can find me in several places, I’m “Jenny W” on page 9 and some comments on the first page) - it seems Alan Ball may be considering driving the stake right into the heart of the Bill/Sookie relationship.

"We tried to structure Season One with Rene’s identity as the killer that way, to never shine a light on it but Michael Raymond-James, who played Rene, knew from the very beginning that he was the killer. So he played it in a very subtle way so that if you watch those DVDs, now you’re like, oh, I see it. But we never want to give that away on the first go-around. I’d have to say it’s a similar situation with [Bill’s kidnapping]." (source) - Oh shit! You know I'm gonna start re-watching Season 2 ASAP now to see if I catch any hints because I'm really hoping it's not Eric! Seriously.

One thing that is a bit disappointing though is Bill's kidnapping and the concept of dropping "the big secret" now. In the book, Bill seemed horribly uninterested, then gone with the prospects of not coming back (he gives Sookie instructions in case he doesn't). Then Sookie finds out he's with his maker and former lover ... and with how distant he was before, she's left believing Bill's with Lorena by choice. He's abandoned her, left her and betrayed her - is with someone else. This crushes her: her first love has cheated on her, left her for someone he's been with before; though he's her first love, he's had others; he never even told her, Sookie could have been waiting for him forever or worrying, thinking he was dead; etc. Their relationship is over - especially after one, final horrific incident in the trunk of a car! This is crucial for later when the secret is revealed because Eric is not telling Sookie to gain the upper hand. Bill & Sookie have long been done with and Eric makes Bill tell Sookie simply so that she knows the truth. There's no personal agenda. That part really speaks for its self and the way Eric feels about Sookie,. To reveal the secret now, after Bill's been kidnapped, will only make Eric look like more of a manipulating bastard and that's seriously not his character. I’m sorry, but it’s getting to the point with Alan Ball where I just want to be like, “If you wanted to make a completely different character, you should have – new name and everything.” I wish people would quit calling him a villain...

On that note: “In order to have him be a real, viable option for Sookie, you have to have some humanity there. She may be attracted to him physically, especially now that she’s had his blood, but she’s never going to go with somebody who she feels is evil or at the very least amoral. That was definitely what we were thinking of with Eric." (source) - Excellent! Keep going in that direction! A character should be a mix of good and bad - not this 99% good guy thing (I love humans, I eat people, but spare them too (FotS attackers), I didn't want to be turned/victimized, etc = Bill). Come on, he’s a vampire! I hope they’re going to get back to the already developed character Eric from the books that we all know and love!

There were a couple blog posts and articles about Lafayette as well which I was excited to see. Which got me going the most?? "certainly we will see more and more of Lafayette. He built a lot of walls around himself. But we will see him get vulnerable next year — and not just being afraid of Eric." (source) Ooh, think they're gonna make the victim of the vamp sugar daddy storyline Lafayette instead of Tara (like in the books)!??!! Can you tell I love that plot line? :) But let’s be honest, Sookie has already saved Lafayette from poor treatment from vamps once already. Will she really need to do that again??

Anyway, anyway… also check out (source) - This was actually a really interesting article to me because, let's be honest, the potential for Lafayette is endless. He's an awesome character, played by a great actor and in the books he was dead and done with so quickly. They've kept him alive in the show and the writers can take that anywhere - moving ahead in building his character and looking back on who is was and how he's come to be the person he is. That's definitely exciting, I think. This idea would definitely be interesting ""There are so many lines about how his mother treated [Lafayette]," Ellis said. "It would be nice if we found out in the flashbacks that she was a vampire."

I'm hoping the queen improves. She's been introduced a bit early, so there's more potential to work her role and character. "She’s crazy! I mean, that character is insane" (source) In regards to queen Sophie-Anne. So, hopefully the scenes with her only get better. HOPEFULLY… She’s supposed to be so bad ass and yet ERW is sucking so far as her, I think. There was a better showing of the character in the last episode, but still…

Ok, this is less of a theory and speculation about Season 3 and just something I’ve been noticing a bit more and more and am starting to think on: Anyone else starting to have the feeling that they're smooshing Jason and the book character JB(?) DuRone together in the show? For non-bookies, JB is a townie who also went to school with Tara and Sookie. He's hot, hot, hot, but dumb as a brick (two reasons he was an easy date for Sookie back in the day: good looking and a fairly quiet head, but sadly his ‘dumb as a stump’ characteristic made him too boring). I think with how dumb Jason's been (though highly entertaining and he’s no scholar in the books either), the fact there is no JB in the show, the fact Jason is "more human"(?) than Sookie and this quote from Alan Ball about how Jason is going to feel towards Tara: "Jason is going to be consumed with guilt. And he’s going to feel like, “I’ve ruined her life and I’ve got to make her feel better."(source) I'm thinking that might be the case. He’s gorgeous, not so smart and not maybe linking up with Tar? I don’t know. That’s what it sounds like to me… I'm not saying Tara and Jason end up together, but I'm starting to think that some of book JB's personality and storyline might be just melted into the show's Jason Stackhouse.

Ok, let’s revisit and re-think this “more human” concept they seem to be having for Jason when compared to Sookie. "Certainly, part of Sookie’s quest in Season Three, apart from trying to find Bill and find out who took him, is to figure out who and what she is. And by the end of the season, she certainly will be beginning to figure that out." (source) - Oh, excellent! They don't just give it away. I know it's best to bring in some bits of books further along in the series to spice things up, explore characters and make sure you get them in there in case, gawd forbid, the show doesn't run as many seasons as there are books in the series. I was really concerned though that they were just going to spill the beans on some things that came a lot later in the books though and I'm glad they're not going to just throw that out their immediately in Season 3. I think this is a really important piece of the puzzle to hold back initially because throughout the books, you got used to who Sookie was, who she thought she was and so you really experienced the shock along with her when she finds out there’s more to her.

“Basically, all of the events of Season Two take place over eight days. So she’s still a fairly freshly-made vampire. Bill hasn’t been much of a maker and she just had a really emotional experience with Hoyt walking out on her. It’s part of her instincts as a vampire and her need to feed and her not liking Tru Blood because it’s a poor substitute and also she’s just got rage." (source) - Ok, maybe we're not gonna have baby vamp turn into a serial killer. Whoo! I would have hated to see her go so soon. Maybe this will prove to the council they can't just force someone into being a maker either!

"a lot of Charlaine’s books just work so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" (source) - Yay! …though I'm interested to see how you pull all CH's hard work back together after mucking it all up in Season 2. For example, there's big lust there between Alcide and Sookie in the books which is possible because she thinks Bill is no longer interested/left her for someone else. I'm interested to see how they're going to work that in since Bill's been taken by force … or, more likely from the way things have gone, they won’t even put that in. No JB, Eric’s a bad guy, Sam’s so wishy-washy (no big kiss in this last season like in the book) … looks like they’re making it out so Bill’s her one true, white knight – the only one that’s ever loved her. ::sigh::

Speaking of Alcide, what actor do you want to see play him? I think the guy who played Stan, Ed Quinn, would have been good. He’s probably too old now, but I just had a flash back of Joe Lando (check him out) in Dr. Quinn. He’d had been amazing then I think lol Anyone else think instead of the crazy, annoying maenad that Michelle Forbes would have made an excellent Claudine? I don't know, I look at her and definitely see that character. And we all know who I want to see as Debbie Pelt. :)