Tuesday, February 19, 2008

words for tuesday

ah, "words for Wednesday" would have had a much nicer ring to it, but ... it's Tuesday!

So, this is off subject from "rescue" but my mind's distracted with 9/11 memories. Of the few added stations I got when my mom got me cable for my birthday, I only really watch the National Geographic Channel and there's a special on about 9/11 and the twin towers. That whole day breaks my heart when I think about it ... the action of the towers falling, the pictures of loved one posted all over and just everything about that, everything. Uh!

One-Eyed Jack was adopted by a wonderful, wonderful couple. They seemed just perfect for him and I haven't heard much from them (only good things when I have) which is always good ... especially after his first adoption when he came back so quickly for such a silly, silly reason.

When you adopt an animal, they come with baggage - they're not perfect and even the people who have spent countless times with these animals cannot guarantee their reactions to EVERY situation they may come across in their life. Could I have told my friend that the starved, scared, little, sweet, like-velcro Rotti (that was found wandering the streets) she adopted would be everything she could dream of and a loyal companion ... except for when her husband undresses and takes his belt off? No. I do the best I can for these animals, but at the end of the line, it's an UNDERSTANDING person that takes each day as it comes who makes a good adopter, not just someone interested in doing a good thing by adopting.

I believe I found that for Jack. I think he's one lucky boy and that his new family is just great ... I even get to have him come visit soon. :) I'm sure my parents' dogs will be terribly excited to have him back to run and play with. I'm so thankful!

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