Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Year!

I've had my job for a year!! How awesome is that?! I love it here. Love, love, love it here. There's just never a "bad" day and it's never a sad job like even some days at a "no kill" shelter can be.

The entry I wrote the day before starting, I hashed out my worries in and showed off some of the best parts of my apartment. Since moving in and setting, here are just a few more fun things around my apartment...

wall rack with 3 print pieces I like, a photo I took of Ali in a cornfield and one of me & Kate from my senior prom

a wall lamp my dad put together

important photos to me and a chunk of one of the shawls I have up on my walls

my wall of friendly reminders: an old, super nice pick-me-up from Ali including Bruce, my favorite flower and drawings of s'mores, including one that looks like a turkey lol, there's also an email from Livingston Taylor and a happy phrase to wake up to

a few of my favorite things: angel ornament with a good quote, the necklace I got in Belize with the symbol I got tattooed on me, another good quote and a note from Ali when I decided to move here

uh, yea, talk about character! My dresser is the one from when I was a baby ... and definitely has little baby lambs on it

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