Sunday, November 23, 2008


I had planned to write today's post about my new foster kitten ... however, I found out that the little kitten I planned to foster was adopted!

That's right, my girl was adopted - straight from surgery too! Good news? Indeed! But I've got to think that my "bad luck" streak of fostering is continued here because I don't get her for any time at all. Selfish response? Yup. I won't deny that either :-)

Sabrina, pre-naming, came in with a horribly stripped and mangled front foot. Just looking at that foot created a literal gut reaction: the urge to up-chuck! I mean, she was rushed off to an emergency medical facility so quickly that the picture above is the only one of her, I think, and it's only because of my sick curiosity once seeing her injury. Her injury was so horrific that I blocked it out in the photo for your own sake. The top half of her one little leg was stripped of fur & skin. The bottom half was twisted all the way around & I don't think it was attached in any way.

She was named ("Sabrina" by the staff there) once at the emergency vet facility and apparently the one vet just kept repeating, "She's so sweet," over and over again about the kitten. Once it was determined that Sabrina definitely needed her leg surgically removed, I decided I'd foster her. I mean, she needed her leg removed and she is just a little baby - I figured foster care with me was better than in a cage where her muscles definitely wouldn't be given much of a chance to adjust.

Happy ending is, of course, before Sabrina was even out of surgery, she was adopted! A vet tech adopted her, so she gets to recover and adjust to her new home at the same time. So, Sabrina is this week's Sundays Are For Cats entry ... even if she's already adopted.

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