Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh, what a weekend!

Daisy, my most recent rescued dog from GA, was adopted out last weekend. Sounds like she's doing wonderfully, aside from missing me. She's been abandoned before though, so the girl is allowed to be a little anxious. Pretty much as soon as Daisy is out of the house, I've got more "visitors": Finn & Jack came for a sleepover while their parents went to NY for the weekend. Here are my much-missed boys begging for post-Thanksgiving food:

I can't tell you how much I love them ... even though they bark like lunatics way too early in the morning!! Ah! They are beautiful boys. All my mom kept saying is, "You are so pretty, Finn." And their mom was nice enough to bring me really nice photos of them. I wish every adopter was as amazing as that couple. They're phenomenal to their dogs and so kind to me long past the usual time period. Normally, after a couple months (or even days), people forget about the rescuers and I love my animals. I let them go to the best homes I can find for them, but it still hurts every time.

I noticed it first when Daisy was sometimes with my parents during the week and now that she's officially not here, I can't deny my cats new, snugglely spot to nap. My beautiful baby boy, Little Dani, has taken to curling up in my now empty dog crate! Makes no sense to me since he hates his carrier and feeling cornered, but here he is:

He is such a cutie! I really do just flat out adore him. He makes these sweet little chirping noises and today he was just so excited to see me that he was running all over the place, following me and maybe almost breaking my neck as well while darting around my feet.

Flashing forward to something different: my family! Every weekend there is something different at that house. They've been expanding their farm all the time and over the summer, they decided to get chickens - hens to be exact. My parents got several hens in order to have their own fresh eggs. I don't think any chickens can be considered spoiled after what my aunts did for theirs, but these chickens are definitely well off! Ok, personally, I'd love for them to be free-roaming, but there are too many predators - owls and hawks especially (the barn cats have shown them no attention). Anyway, shortly after my parents got the baby chicks and they grew big enough to be outside, something else showed up ...

I can't help but laugh every time I recall this fact, but the fact remains the same - my parents have feral chickens!

That's right, my parents have feral chickens! It's a gang of chickens that just randomly showed up. First they were by the road, then the front field, then they found their way around the lake and now they live in the front field. It's just too weird that they showed up. Stranger in general is how they really are wild - beautiful, but not domesticated. They eat on their own, roost in the trees at night and are their own pleasant, little family. There is even a rooster! A rooster that I freakin heard crow loud as heck the other morning ... I don't like rooster, but he is handsome though.

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