Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This adorable man is Finn. Finn is a lab mix boy (probably with some hound since he's from the south) from GA that I brought up earlier in the month of March.

After going back and forth with my contact down there, Finn's the boy I got. I email her when time's almost up and ask my contact which one still needs rescuing the most that fits my profile (preferably male, smaller, good with other animals) - this time it was Finn! I gave him a good Irish name since he came up St. Patty's Day weekend :)

He's SUPER cute, very sweet, pretty quiet ... but heartworm positive. He's went through his first treatment for the heartworms he has and is now on steroids (and cage rest) so he hopefully won't throw clots. He'll get more treatment in a couple weeks and then will be neutered (couldn't get that surgery yet with the heartworm condition).

Hopefully once he's healthy he will be just as sweet. He's great with my other dogs, crazy girls that he'll walk right passed, and great with the cats too, ignoring them as well ... which is a dream after Jack who just added to the craziness with my parents' dogs and constantly fixated on the cats he was around.

Keep Finn in your thoughts, please.

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