Monday, April 7, 2008

too early

This is definitely an early morning for me since it's my day off ... my cats have the tendency to wake me up when they think it's breakfast time which, of course, is usually an hour (or 5) ahead of schedule - little boogerheads! Oh, but I looooooooooove them! :)

I've been busy trying to plot out new ways FFRV can be a help in the rescue world. I'm never sure what direction we should head in ... or how to keep things in check and reined in. Sometimes it all seems too out of control. Lots of animals need rescuing - that job is never done, but sometimes I feel like there's no concept of priorities, let a lone restraint to focus on priorities.

How cute is this little munchkin??? He's a little baby babyface sheep my parents are going to get, though he's still too young right now and we have to figure out a name for him still. My parents want to get into having some sheep because apparently these make great pets, graze well and they produce really nice wool. I think it's a pretty good idea ... though I'm not sure why they think they need to breed them. I can't deny I'm a bit disappointed in that. There's enough animals out there already and it's not like these sheep are going to run out of wool at some point in their lives - it keeps growing! How much wool do they want to "produce" exactly??

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