Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saved From GA

FFRV, the MOSTLY cat rescue, has expanded a bit this past week because I rescued a dog from Georgia who was scheduled to be killed the same night I said I would take him. It's not the first time we've had a dog in my rescue - our lovely Jen S took in a pair of Pit Bull pups at one point too actually.

Anyway, I get these emails all the time - "urgent", "to die", "desperate", "last chance", etc are the usual titles. These emails come to my rescue email account and usually I automatically delete them without reading the details sure to break my heart because I don't have time, room, etc. However, for whatever reason, I was silly enough to open one of these emails on a Thursday – the last day these dogs listed in the email had. One dog out of the 3 I asked about still needed rescuing... and now I have a one-eyed, big-eared, 37 lb, formally abused, sweetheart of a Shepherd-mixed boy in my house (though I'm doubting the "Shepherd" part since he's full grown at 37 lbs).

When I picked him up from the transporter, all this very kind man (the transporter) kept saying is, "You definitely saved a life. He never would have been saved." He's got one eye, some cage issues and is larger than most dogs that are rescued, I believe - the two other dogs being dropped off at a local shelter were half the size of the boy I got – One-Eyed Jack, that's what I named him.

I'd love to keep him (everyone keeps telling me to keep him), but if I do, I can't ever do this random rescue from the South thing again. My house and my wallet can only handle so much!!

Oh, and FFRV was also in the newspaper recently. FRONT PAGE of the Courier Post!! It was an update on St. Patty who Molly K spoke about when they did an article on her. Molly came to meet St. Patty for the first time and the Courier came out to see it. It was wonderful. A great day, good opportunity to get our name out there and a really nice article as well.

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