Thursday, September 13, 2007


Apparently there's a bit of a bad streak aside from One-Eyed Jack...

Ramsy is this highly desired kitten my rescue has. He's gorgeous and highly desired because he's white. People seem to have things for white kittens ... however, white cats also seem to be genetically messed up - usually they're just deaf, but our Ramsy seems to have neuro problems. We thought it was a bad infection at first, then we thought maybe it was this one really contagious disease that he had a lot of the symptoms of, but it's looking to be a brain tumor or definitely something neuro. He's eating and moving around well, but he has head tremors, is walking funny now and it's likely he'll start having seizures soon. Poor baby...

We took on Jake, this old, black kitty cat who was falling apart in a shelter. He's doing leaps and bounds better now, but he's at the vet's office. He needed round the clock care.

Our formally no-eye-lidded kitty, St Patty, may need another surgery. It's expensive, extensive and though she recovered quickly before, I feel bad that she needs to go through it again. She was born without eyelids, which means she had fur rubbing constantly against her eyes and she eventually would have gone blind, aside from just being in constant pain. She is much more comfortable now and such a sweety - it's just rough.

A friend told me today that we always seem to think we need a great deal of friends when truly we only need good friends - a few good friends. It's too true. That advice and reminder rescued me in a way. Thank you! :)