Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Daisy went home today. She was adopted and placed into a wonderful home where she'll be super spoiled and the only pet. Her adopter had a cute "seasonal" collar ready for her with a heart-shaped name tag on it, a big crate set up for Daisy for when her adopter's at work, lots of new toys and big, fun-shaped biscuits. I know more presents and meeting new friends are also in the near future for Daisy too. These are all good things and Daisy is a lucky girl, but I still cried a bit ...

My sister will be home from school this week. She is yet to be home since Cheyenne has passed away. I'm nervous for her, sad still for myself too. I still look for Chy. I'll catch Sadie out of the corner of my eye curled up and look quickly thinking it's Cheyenne. And then it's that awful, heart-squeezing feeling when it registers that it can't be her.

I've been thinking about writing recently. Honestly, it's felt more like I need to write ... but nothing seems to be coming out. I have ideas - so many ideas, but none of them seem to spill out of me and I just can't seem to concentrate/get passionate.

I've also been reading books of short stories on rescues. My aunt always tells me that I could write something like that, but these people have incredible stories about sweet animals in extraordinarily awful circumstances that they rescue. I've done my fair share of rescue, but I don't think I come close to what these other people.

I need to lay down or something, maybe try to concentrate, brainstorm or go through some work up's to try to get myself motivated.

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