Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm sure from reading this, you know my experience with feral cats - that's how I've gotten several of my own house kitties (socialized feral kittens) and, of course, my barn and garage cats. Then there was the post I added here about my shock over the gang of feral chickens that took up living on my parents' farm. Well, over the weekend, I came in contact with ferals of a different sort ... feral goats!

I kid (no pun intended) you not - feral goats!

In search of a disabled kitty that my friend spotted over the weekend, we found ourselves at a pig farm talking to a nice older man who worked there. He told me that there was an older man who bought a bunch of goats about 20 years ago. This man passed away a few years ago and since then, the goats he still had have just been roaming around the area. I'm not sure how many there originally was, but the man said several had died from age and the cold. There are 5 now.

Now, it's not very common knowledge, but goats freak me out. Don't ask me why because I'm honestly not sure, but it's a fact - goats = creeeepy!!! Not to mention, these goats are like the size of dogs too. Oh my goodness!!

I've been to the property several times now and these goats always seem to be there, curled up together next to one of the pig buildings or running off together as soon as I get within 15 or 20 feet of them. They're more skittish than the feral cats on the property! It's so weird. I guess this is better than them approaching me. I might have a heart attack.