Friday, February 26, 2010

Farm-life Fridays: Horse Killer

Ugh, for the life of me, I do not understand some people ... Valentine and the violence done to her is an excellent example. This story is also of a person who is just plain terrible.

Although you might think I'm misplacing this post about Marion Hulick, who's French bulldog recently made history at the Westminster Dog show, becoming the first of his breed to score top honors in the "Non-Sporting" Group - rest assured, I'm not. This woman's "positive" dog news pales in comparison to her awful, awful farm story - that of murder for money!

Hulick served six months in federal prison for her role in the murder of Charisma, a show horse, on Dec. 15, 1990. Witnesses at Hulick's trial for this awful crime said she met with the killer, offering him a $35,000 cut (for killing Charisma) of the $250,000 insurance money. This is gross, sorry, but I want to be as honest here as possible to convey exactly why I think this woman's actions are unforgivable - no matter how long ago it was. The horse's killer, after being led to the stall by Hulick one witness recalled, then attached a metal clip to the horse's ear and another to his hindquarters and plugged a wire from them to an outlet, electrocuting the poor horse.

20 years ago or two days ago, brainstorming this idea, condoning it, organizing it and, most importantly, being present for it is absolutely unacceptable and something you can never, ever make better or expect to be forgiven for, I feel. Not to mention, how can you treat one animal that way and yet claim to care for another? That is not some stupid mistake of "youth" - that's just awful, cruel and sickening!

Not to mention, with the way I love my "ponies", I can't imagine being able to do anything like that. I find a cut on the horses, I get concerned. They nip at each other, I get worked up. It gets a little cold and I'm sure my parents need to put their blankets on. You get the idea! They're huge, that's for sure, and they don't share my home or bed, but they're in my heart and there's the undeniable fact that horses, just like all other pets/animals, are dependent upon us for their care.

I can't believe you got a standing ovation Monday night, Marion Hulick, you scumbucket! You should have had horse manure thrown at you!!!

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