Friday, February 5, 2010

Farm-life Fridays: Pong

It was just recently that my family lost almost all of our beloved ducks to some mysterious dog or dog-like animal. I thought it only appropriate that this week I post this adorable little lady, Pong. I wish Best Friends were closer for us to learn how to better protect our babies and maybe adopt this pretty girl to keep our lone boy company now.

Here's what Pong's page says about her:

Breed: Pekin Duck
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
A pair of snowy white Pekin ducks who very much want to meet you.

Pong came from California to a Utah rescue group, which then had to close down. All these changes have been startling for Pong. She is very sweet - also young and healthy. We think if you met Pong, you would love her. She would love a home to call hers forever.

Good luck, Pong, in finding a new home ... or at least enjoy the rest of your time in Utah :)