Friday, February 19, 2010

Can you fire aunts???

I'm thinking I'm going to have to fire my aunt. Can you do that? Can you fire aunts? Seriously. "Ahahaha. Call me when you're awake. I have a cat story for you," she wrote in a text to me this morning ... and I'd been up since before 7 AM, by the way, when she sent that at like 9:30!

When I call her back, it's not a funny cat story though. No, no, no , no, no. Of course not! No, it's, "Oh, we heard Lizzie (my aunts' MALE feral Maine Coon mix) coming through the woods this morning to eat and we were shining our flash lights around in the dark as he approaches from the woods. We spotted Lizzie's eyes and then we saw Joanie (another feral - the sweetest weirdest feral you'll meet) ... and then the flash light goes across more eyes." Um, what?!! "Kittens. Kittens!" she says to me all excited.

Shoot me.

First off, I had this lick your face, chew on your hair, bit your toes through your blanket if you dared to shift your legs while sleeping, hide in the Christmas tree and attack you brat for months this past Fall/Winter until she was finally adopted. And when she was, I was sure my aunt was going to hate my forever for not keeping her ... because, you know, I need a 9th cat and that love hog of a kitten wouldn't have been happier in a home where she got all the attention on her instead of her and 8 others. (<--- that's sarcastic by the way. She loves her new home where it's just her and one other cat who's more independent, so Olive, now Olivia, gets to hog all the attention she wants from their mom).

Also, this will be kitten number 2 and 3 that my aunt has had just stroll into her backyard in the last 6 months. I do not like those odds ... and it's not even kitten season yet! Ugh. No more kittens, please!! I don't care how pretty or nice they are. My mom is going to kill me if I bring these two home. If they're as nice as my aunt says they are, I'm seeing if someone else can foster them or something. My big cage is already occupied "re-socializing" one of my own cats. Even if I had another cage, I'm heading off to Florida soon to visit friends and I'm not leaving my mom more work to do/animals to care for. No way!

And my aunt tells me they just strolled right up to her and started head butting her hand. Great! So they're definitely social and not ones we can just catch and fix and leave in my aunts' yard for them to continue to feed & care for. No, no. They're sweeties, my aunt tells me, sweeties shouldn't stay outside!

Not to mention, who leaves babies out in the cold?! Stupid neighbors who probably let these little munchkins out this AM to wander over to my aunts' (my guess since I haven't seen them outside yet while I've been here). Silly aunt for not snatching them up this morning and calling me. In case you don't recall, we have a ridiculous amount of snow right now and more coming! My aunt is lucky I love her, otherwise I'd consider spitting on her too like I want to do to the dang neighbors of her's who keep letting their cats out UNFIXED to reproduce and sneak into my aunts' yard for all of us to spot and then start worrying about. Ugh

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