Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am house sitting and with the snow over the weekend, I had to shovel. I went out repeatedly to make paths to the bird feeders, to the feral set up out back and to the garage where my car was safe inside. I ended up shoveling out most of the driveway myself ... I got maybe 2/3rds of it done when the snow finally stopped too. I came into the house, took off my snow stuff (wet boots, jacket, etc.) and had left the side door open with the glass door shut since the cats were watching the birds eat and I was more concerned about getting my wet stuff off.

Someone knocked at the door behind me. I answered and this guy said he was going around clearing driveways. Chit chatty (freakin IDIOT) me said thank you, but I couldn't pay him because I wasn't the home owner. He suggested I call the home owner and I said no, that it was no big deal because it was mostly done and I'd finish the rest tomorrow ... and with that, he figured out I was alone.

He was inquisitive then. Do you go to school? Where do you go? Hasn't school started? I was lying so he'd think I'd be gone soon ... yes, Stockton (away, but not too far), it was the weekend, etc. He ended up leaving after a few minutes of this. I'll be honest, I was scared. I joked when telling my friend that I was going to sleep with a knife and that I had thrown bird seed down in the snow by the door so if I ended up dead whoever killed me should have bird seed in his boots. I was joking, but I did throw bird seed down and I did grab the biggest knife in the kitchen (home owner loves to cook and has a nice selection) and tucked it under a magazine right next to the night stand where I was sleeping. I was going to jokingly post about all this too on here - haha! Silly girl sleeping with a knife for no reason. Maybe it's good I procrastinate sometimes because this post and the whole situation is no joking matter anymore...

Of course, it snows again, as most of you know, and he came back yesterday morning. The door was open again (habit), so I had to answer since he saw me. I'm in my pj's, he has a flyer for his snow clearing services, said he had been thinking about me (would do the driveway for dinner) and asked to come in. I said no, I didn't need help and that I had learned how to use the snow thrower in the garage. He handed me the flyer anyway and said he lived near by - what a coincidence (he said) and how great would it be to get snowed in together, I'd make him dinner (I said hell no) and we could hang out. "Is there a fireplace there?" He wanted to read poetry! Ugh! I said I was really busy and maybe I'd call him next week when he insisted that we hang out. He became insistent on getting my number then when I wouldn't budge from the "next week" thing. I said I don't give it out as a policy. He kept talking, saying he was trying to get me to change my mind. I said no, that I had his (the flyer) and I'd call him. He only left when I said, "The more you annoyingly insist, the less likely it is I'm going to fucking call at all."

As soon as he turned away, I shut and bolted the side door (the front door already was since I never use it, plus there is still like 4 feet covering the whole front yard up to it). After saying I was busy for the next week and that I'd call him, I think he came back in the afternoon. I honestly don't know because I barely heard the door and was passing out, so I didn't check it. HOWEVER, at about 11 o'clock at night, as I was getting ready to go to bed, there was a knock at the door. I stood in the hallway nervous to move. Aside from the hallway, the house is mostly all windows in half the house, the back half where he was knocking on the side door too. After a minute of so, I hustled to the other side of the house into the bedroom and put my stuff down (pillow and blankets I had with me on the sofa) and went back to stand in the hallway. Say 3 - 5 minutes had gone by since the knock, so I went to the door, pushed the curtain aside just a little and saw him just walking away - at 11 PM, he'd stood in the sleet and snow for like 5 minutes for a stranger who said they were busy and pretty much had dismissed him!! Who does that?!

I called the police after several friends said I should. My cell froze up and wouldn't work, the driveway is untouched (so he could tell I hadn't left and no one had come to join me) and when I told everything to the officer that showed up, the most comforting thing he could tell me was to risk the roads in a state of emergency and leave ... and he insisted on waiting until I got my things together and got in my car. I was so freaked out!!

Petrified does not begin to describe how I felt/still feel. Thankfully, my WONDERFUL friend Robin woke when I called her at midnight and said I could stay with her. She lives like 15 minutes down the road so I figured from where I'm house sitting that was my safest, closest drive. I'm staying with her again tonight and hoping to borrow a big dog (or foster one) for the next few days until my friends are home. I feel bad leaving their cats at night (especially with another storm coming?), but feel petrified staying here alone too.

FRIENDS/RESCUERS - I'm hoping to borrow or foster a big & barky or scarey looking, but nice dog that doesn't chase cats for the next few days (my friends are suppose to return by at least Monday) while I finish up house sitting. Can only have the dog for a few days while I'm here though since I'm pretty much going to FL myself for vacation when I'm done house sitting here. Know of any??? **I'm in Blackwood, NJ**