Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dogs On Thursday - Good people!

Did you read this post: Stalked?! True story! Awful, uncomfortable, terrifying experience! I wrote in the post towards the bottom, "I'm hoping to borrow or foster a big & barky or scarey looking, but nice dog that doesn't chase cats for the next few days." Well, after posting different versions of my awful experience (short, long, detailed or the quick version) on different social networks, a girl that graduated from high school with my older cousin wrote me and said her dog sounded perfect! How sweet! She even sent me pictures as if just saying he was big wasn't good enough ... and my is this dog really big! He's apparently half Bernese Mountain Dog and half St. Bernard.

When I say this guy is big, I mean he's a really big dog - that mix alone sounds pretty awesome to me and would definitely scare off any creepy guys, I think. What do you think? Here's a picture of the gorgeous dog this wonderful girl spoke of ... and he's pictured next to a man (though I cut him out for his own privacy, of course). Do you see what I mean when I say this dog is huge?! Ok, granted, he's standing on a snow bank, but still. When scared of the creepy plow guy, I just wanted a barky dog to stay in the house with me while I finished up cat sitting ... but a dog big enough to literally eat a man would've work too! Not to mention, what a throw off from the picture of the adorable, rolly poley puppy dog she had pictured on her profile. He was the cutest puppy and he is one handsome big guy now!

Thankfully I didn't need to borrow this big guy. I ended up staying with a friend for the last few days or at home and just visiting the cats a couple times a day to feed them and spend some time with them ... during the day and after a friend's boyfriend dropped off a very "manly" looking jeep in the driveway to make it look like I had company. Although there was one creepy guy, I am so excited about the exceptionally nice people that came forward too - like this wonderful girl who sent me photos of her dog and the former volunteer offering her boyfriend's jeep to leave in the driveway. There are so many things to be thankful for!

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