Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dogs On Thursday - Layla

Snow. Snow. Snow. According to the groundhog, we're in for more snow!

The snow this winter has been anything from out of control to manageable, like the snow we had this weekend. It snowed, it looked pretty and, if it hadn't lightly snowed again the other night, it would all probably be gone by now. I like it like that. I like it to be pretty and then gone, not messy and gross and turn black from dirt or remain in giant ice piles in parking lots for weeks taking up spots. That's just no fun.

If I can make a request though, I'd like a decent amount of snow to go sledding. Not like the ridiculous amount of inches/feet that weekend in December where you can't leave and not the silly inch of fluff the other day. I'd like a handful of inches of packing snow to go sledding and to take some more cute pictures like this one of Sadie. I love Goldens in the snow! They're so adorable. I mean, all dogs are, of course (like Tali the Doberman in her sweaters) ... but there's something about Goldens.

And here's the cute pup I came across on Petfinder for this Dogs On Thursday post: Cute little Layla caught my eye as soon as I saw her while searching Petfinder. Look at that face! She's adorable, young, friendly and working on her crate training - sounds like a perfect pet.

Oddly enough, there's a Layla on the show I have on in the background right now too. Talk about coincidence!! Layla is being adopted out through Faith's Hope rescue out in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read on for more information on Layla...

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Size: medium
Age: Baby
Gender: Female

This gorgeous puppy is Layla, a 3-month-old chocolate and white American Pit Bull Terrier that is sweet and friendly with every human she meets. Like most puppies, she need a home where the humans have the time and energy to devote to raising a young puppy. Formal obedience training is a requirement for adoption.

Layla is perfectly healthy, is crate trained and doing very well with the house training. She is currently being fostered in a home with an adult male pit bull and a kitty and is almost done with puppy kindergarten so she already knows a few obedience commands.