Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working On it Wednesdays

I need to work on my procrastination this week. I have letters I've been meaning to write, books to be read and most importantly - my resume to edit and send out. I have a lot of time house sitting, so I need to start taking better advantage of it.

There's so much to do though that I get overwhelmed. This week I'm going to pick 5 small tasks and try to accomplish them.

I'll post them and how far into them I got next week for you to see.

Anything you've been putting off you can accomplish this week with me? Whatever you're doing, enjoy it!


Update On Last Week's Working On it Wednesday:
I showed up to the mediation meeting with my friend, Monique, who is also a witness for the actions that went on that night. I had a little notebook for notes and the photos I had taken of my bruises and wounds over the days they needed to recover. I dressed very nicely, walked into the room for mediation and sat down. I was nervous, sooo nervous. I had been snippy all day with people and put off getting ready to the point I rushed, but I made it there about the same time I wanted to (about 10 minutes early).

As it turned out, all my nerves were for nothing - the girl never showed and I found myself disappointed. True, I didn't want to see her and there is absolutely no excuse for what she did, but I still wanted to hear her nutty explanation. Oh well, to court it goes now for sure since she never showed...