Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Eve

Someone randomly, violently and for no good reason hurt me. I'm not sure how much I can write here because I'm pressing charges against this person. Paranoid me is worried if I post too much, I'll get myself in trouble OR if a buddy of this crazy girl this person comes across this and there's too much posted, she'll take it to twist around. Check out the heel prints I have on my shoulder now from getting kicked in the back of the head while I was lying down...

Here is what I will say though: I hope the incident that happened on new year's eve was the "cherry on top" of a horrific year (getting my dad's diagnosis, losing my job, moving back home and everything those things combined have forced me to deal with). I am thankful for my friends, will not let the bad outweigh the good of the night and I remain hopeful for the new year ... but I'm not considering it a "new year" until the wounds from that night are gone. Expect delayed resolutions until then as well.

On another note, I got the comment from my mom yesterday that we're going to put up new fencing out the side door and when we do ... I can get a foster dog! Wahoo!!! Warm up a few days, Mother Nature, so we can get posts in the ground and I can save another life, please!